2013 Baby Shower Ideas: The Backyard Barbeque Baby Shower


A Barbecue Baby Shower screams family time.  So this theme is great for including not only men but kids as well.  The barbecue atmosphere is great for keeping things casual, as well as keeping all the mess and clean up outside!  And, best of all you can ditch the usual baby shower games and have some family fun instead.

Most foods can be prepared ahead of time and simply pulled out of the refrigerator.  This helps in keeping your time down and letting you spend more time with yo.

The kids get to play games of tag and ring toss.  Everyone gets to play backyard bowling.  This is a great game that you can set up yourself with minimal cost using empty soda bottles.  Cooking the food can be a great conversation starter as the guys all gather around the grill swopping stories of everything from sports to their best barbecue recipe, liter soda bottles and things from around the house.   You might also want to try our Minute to Win It games.  Or, as an activity for the kids, have them make baby items out of Play-Dough then everyone has to guess what they made.  All three can be downloaded below.

Backyard Bowling Game
Backyard Bowling Game
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Minute to Win it Baby Shower Games
Minute to Win it Baby Shower Games

Blind Ball
Bucket Head
Chocolate Unicorn
Double Trouble
Elephant March
Face the Cookie
Johnny Apple stack
Junk in the Trunk
M&M Smiley Face Challenge

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Play Dough-tionary Baby Shower Game
Play Dough-tionary Baby Shower Game

Includes a recipe for Homemade Play-Dough

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You can prepare all the food, have it catered, or ask your guests to bring dishes (pot-luck style).  I like to prepare the main dishes and have guests bring appetizers, snacks and desserts.  To save room on the tables setup for eating, I like to have the food on separate tables – buffet style.  If you have a great barbecue recipe you can prepare each couple a sample of your sauce to take home as a shower favor.  Other options would be barbecue sauce or rubs, snack mix, chocolate covered pretzels, mints, candies or other goodies.  Some sample packaging ideas are below.

BBQ Party Favors

Below are two sample menus for your next backyard barbecue baby shower.  You can add your own snacks, chips and dip, and other appetizers.  I have prepared each menu in a PDF format you can download.

BBQ Menu 1

Backyard Barbeque Menu 1
Backyard Barbeque Menu 1
  1. Summer Solstice Baby Back Ribs
  2. Grilled Asparagus
  3. French Potato Salad w/ Dijon Mustard & Fresh Herbs
  4. Corn on the Cob with Smoked Butter
  5. Tangy Mustard Coleslaw
  6. Strawberry Trifle Dessert
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BBQ Menu 2

Backyard Barbeque Menu 2
Backyard Barbeque Menu 2
  1. Barbecue Baby Back Ribs
  2. Best Potato Salad I Have Ever Had
  3. Simple Southern-Style Baked Beans
  4. Corn Medley Salad
  5. Spiced Apple-Raisin Coleslaw
  6. Oreo Trifle Dessert
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Your decorations for your barbecue can range from none at all to going all out.  Below are some simple and adorable decorations and table settings.  Make your own pompoms, use streamers and balloons.  Find things around your house and let your imagination go wild re-purposing them!  I have also included some simple, yet fabulous ides for controlling your tableware.

BBQ Party Decorations

BBQ Utensil Ideas

Want to devise your own menu, cool!  Here are 19 Barbecue Sauce Recipes to get you started.  Each sauce uses different ingredients – fruit, honey, brown sugar, whiskey, bourbon and of course Ketchup.  I have broken them into 2 downloads – those with fruit flavors and non-fruit flavored.

7 Fruit-Flavored Barbeque Recipes
7 Fruit-Flavored Barbeque Recipes
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12 Barbeque Sauce Recipes
12 Barbeque Sauce Recipes
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So there you have it!  A backyard Barbecue Baby Shower is another of summer’s perfect party ideas.  If you are planning a summer baby shower, I wish you every success and have a fantastic time!  Enjoy your summer!

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