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Baby Diaper Cake Chatter provides its viewers with tons of baby shower information, ideas, recipes, crafts, tutorials, and party games to help make your baby shower preparations that much easier. The blog has been separated into categories: Blog Posts, Themes, Recipes, Crafts, Games, Party Tips, Babies & More. Our blog posts give you information and tips on baby shower planning, as well as preparing and caring for your new baby. The blog is continually updated with new information on a daily basis. Now that we have gotten the site back up to speed, we will updating and expanding the existing theme pages. Lots of new stuff is coming!

This is a fairly large site, so we have tried to make navigating it as easy as possible.  The top bar shows our Disclaimer, Sitemap, and Login pages.  The main navigation bar (under the logo) shows the main categories our website is divided into.  Each category has it’s own navigation within the category itself.  A sample of our Blog posts appears below.  We have many, many articles with ideas, tips and tricks to help you plan your event, as well as tips and advice for babies and child rearing.

We have developed a completely digital Party Planner for all your event planning needs.  It is easy to use, customizable, and can be reused any time you hold a part or event.  To keep the original download clean of entries, simple save the form with another name – one that describes your particular event.  Simple, right?  Check it out in our Etsy Shop, along with our uniquely designed baby shower cupcake wrappers and party banners.

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