10 Tips For Selecting Baby Shower Invitations

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Throwing a baby shower for a friend or relative can be a daunting task, and there are so many things involved in the planning. The very first and most important thing that you need to acquire immediately is the invitations. No invites, no party. There are hundreds of different baby shower invitations to choose from and this can be a tough decision, so it is best to collaborate with the expectant mother when making it, so that everyone is happy with the final outcome. You can benefit from the experience of others when it comes time to make this important choice, so here are 10 tips for selecting baby shower invitations.

1. Consider the guest list: If you are going to be sending your invitations to young, chic and sophisticated friends and relatives, you might want to consider this when choosing the style of the invitation. If you are going to have a plethora of relatives than an overly modern and trendy invitation might not get the best reception. Keep the tastes of all of your guests in mind so that the final choice of an invitation will appeal to the greatest number.

2. Consider the taste of the mother-to-be: Since the baby shower is always thrown in her honor, the mother to be should be part of the final decision when it comes to the invitation. Be sure that the invitation reflects her personal style and includes her favorite colors.
3. Keep new baby in mind, too: If the mom-to-be has announced the new baby’s gender, this can make it easier when choosing an invitation. You can coordinate colors and designs based on the baby’s gender. There are hundreds of great styles for girls and boys available online as well as in brick-and-mortar stationery stores.

4. Consider the quality: When you are choosing an invitation, don’t just think about the color and design of the invitation. You also need to consider the quality in terms of the texture and layout of it as well. You can choose an invitation that has raised (embossed) pieces to it like flowers, butterflies, cars, sports emblems, buttons, ribbons and just about anything else. When your invitees receive these awesome invitations, they will feel special for being invited, and your RSVP list will likely have checkmarks next to almost every name.

5. Choose a theme: If the new mom has chosen a certain theme for the decorations and the cake, then you may want to incorporate these into the invitation, as well. There are hundreds of themes from which to choose. If you are helping her decide, be sure that you do not try to make the choice for her. Remember that this is her day and she should be the final decision maker.

6. Customize it: You can start by choosing an invitation from pre-made ones called templates, then customize and revise it uniquely for your use. This is a great way to set your invitation apart from all the rest. You can choose your own colors, designs, textures and layouts. You can incorporate other special touches such as sonogram pictures, family photos and much more.

7. The time of year: The season that the new mother is having the baby could be another way to help choose the right baby shower invitation. You can choose a theme that is based on the season or sun signs when she is giving birth. For example, if your friend or relative is having the baby in summertime, you can suggest a more vibrant color scheme. For winter you can choose cooler colors and themes that fit that time of year. Ditto from spring and fall.

8. Coed baby showers: The traditional way of throwing a baby shower is that the mother invites only her female friends and family members. However, there are those that choose to have male and female guests at their party. If this is the case, then you won’t want to choose an invitation that is too “girly.” You will want your invitation to cater to both sexes, and hundreds of invitation choices for that niche.

9. Timing is important: The time that you have to send out the invitations can also be a huge factor in what type of invitation you will choose. If you are strapped for time then you may not have a lot of time to choose a unique layout and customized design. Make sure that you plan well ahead of the actual date of the event, so that you can choose and design the invitation that you truly desire.

10. Online or in the store: This can be one of the most important decisions to make when choosing an invitation. If you choose to purchase your invitation in a stationery store, you may get personal attention from the sales clerk, but you will have limited choices. On the other hand, the Internet can offer you thousands of options and choices for designs, layouts, colors, textures, special touches and more. Considering your choice will be design-based, the online options of seeing almost limitless designs often works out best.

There is so much to consider, you just might look at the baby shower planning and invitation ordering as an introduction to motherhood. It is just a basic introduction, of course, as you will eventually get through the shower after getting the invitations handled. Now get ready for the fact that a mother’s work is never done!

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