Baby Shower Ideas: Teddy Bear Picnic Baby Shower

Teddy Bear Picnic Baby ShowerA Teddy Bear Picnic Baby shower is one of the cutest themes you can select for your baby shower event.  Blend in side themes of Woodlands, Strawberries, Honey Bees, and you can have a fantastic array of party decorations to choose from.

Planning a Teddy Bear Picnic Baby Shower

When you are making out the invitations, ask each guest to bring a “bare” necessity for baby. These gifts can include diapers, baby wipes, bibs, baby oil, bath toys, bath books, hooded bath towels, washcloths, baby bath tub, tub support for when baby gets older, etc. Anything to do with a “bare” baby is fine. Clothing can include diaper shirts, socks, and one-piece jumpers.

Make a paw print pattern and paint, flour (whatever you like) paw prints up to the front door.

Use strawberry baskets to hold the guests’ food, or as serving containers.

Teddy Bear Party Favors

Make chocolate teddy bear lollipops and place at each table setting.  Or give each guest of a “bouquet” of lollipops.

Mini jars of honey with a honey dipper.  You could also add a mini bear tied to the jar with a pretty ribbon.

Mini baskets of berries or candies.  Yum!


Go to a dollar or discount store and buy one small stuffed bear for each guest on your list. Pick up some remnants of pastel flannelette while you are there. Take the bears home and make diapers for each out of the flannelette. Pin the diapers onto the miniature bears. Make tags out of small pieces of card stock folded in half. Punch a hole in each tag and insert matching ribbon. Then, tie the tag around the bear’s neck with name of each guest on their placecard.

Bear Decorations

I love the look of traditional red gingham tablecloth on the buffet table. It just says “picnic” to me.  But you can use other fabrics as well.  Go to a fabric store and buy enough teddy bear fabric to make a tablecloth especially for the shower.

Use burlap cloth, streamers and/or ribbons for accents and coverings as well.

Or, buy a plain white tablecloth and paint teddy bears on it with fabric paint. Teddy bear stencils are available in most wallpaper stores. Though their original intention was to decorate baby’s room, they work great with fabric paint to make a beautiful table covering.

Balloons are great.  Use different colored green balloons as a tree leaves or boughs.  Or, make a balloon arch in your party colors over the buffet table. Here is a video on how to make your own bear balloons.

Bear Themed Food

Buy a pre-made package of gingerbread dough and a bear cookie cutter. Roll out the dough, cut out bears with the cookie cutters, add raisins or M&Ms for eyes and bake. When it’s time to serve your guests, place in microwave for 20 seconds and serve warm with tea, coffee, lemonade or apple cider.  If you wanted to, you could make this a shower activity and have all the guests decorate their own cookies.

Use bear cookie cutters on slices of watermelon. Then make fruit skewers with the bear pieces on top.  Display the skewers in a basket and use a stryofoam block to hold them upright.

Bear CakeTatty Bear Cupcakes
Me to You Tatty Bear Cake & Cupcakes – Click on the bear cake to go to the tutorial
Here’s is a great tutorial for a Bear Cake.  If you want to preserve the cake, then make matching cupcakes for the guests to eat.

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Bears in a Bubble Bath Mini Treats

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Teddy Bear Themed Party Games

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