Control crying or uncontrolled feeding?

By Stefan Korn In our little breastfeeding community we recently realized that somehow we ended up with the short straw when it comes to our babies sleeping through the night. Our bottle feeding friends seem to have very few sleepless nights or even any disruptions at night. How unfair to follow nature’s way and then … Read more

Baby Activites – How To Raise a Bright Baby

by: Julie Ashton-Townsend Being a new parent is the most joyous, rewarding and challenging journeys in life. It is also a great responsibility. You hold the future of this tiny person entirely in your hands. What they become depends largely on you! Raise them with patience, love and understanding and they will be patient loving … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: Teddy Bear Picnic Baby Shower

A Teddy Bear Picnic Baby shower is one of the cutest themes you can select for your baby shower event.  Blend in side themes of Woodlands, Strawberries, Honey Bees, and you can have a fantastic array of party decorations to choose from. Planning a Teddy Bear Picnic Baby Shower When you are making out the … Read more

Bottles, Bibs, Binkies & Bins…Getting Organized for New Baby

by: Stacey Agin Murray You’re having a baby? Congratulations! You’re about to embark on a great adventure. I should know, because my adventure started in the Summer of 2006 with the birth of my son. It’s an exciting time but it can also be exhausting. With that in mind, I’d like to offer a few … Read more

Secret Life Of Babies

Author: Yana Mikheeva A miracle has happened. A baby was born. Your first, although very short, acquaintance has happened. Let’s try to learn what happens with babies after they are present solemnly to mothers. The first thing a new-born baby needs is warmth. In comparison with maternal comfortable warmth, outward things of a labor ward … Read more

Father and Baby

Author: Yana Mikheeva Women are greatly interested in the nature of paternal feelings to a baby. Do they appear by themselves or with the time being? What’s the difference between maternal and paternal feelings? How can a woman influence father’s attention to a baby? May be lack of such attention lies in man’s uncertainty in … Read more

Natural Baby Latching

by: Natural Mumma When I was pregnant, I remember my friends moaning about how hard nursing was and proudly thinking, “They probably only had problems because they didn’t have much experience. I am sure I won’t have any problems though!” HA! Upon leaving the hospital I was coddling cracked and very sore nipples. I didn’t … Read more

Understanding and Coping with Your Crying Baby

by: Matthew Efseaff The desperate cry for help from a newborn baby is one of the most disturbing sounds for most people. Despite how much we want to help them, unfortunately, it’s hard to know what they are asking for. With time, parents will learn how to interpret the cries of their newborn and will … Read more