Baby Showers – Don’t Leave the Siblings out!

For nine months the older brother(s) and/or sister(s) have been told that they will have a brother or sister entering the house. That’s quite a long time in the life of a tiny child. Their attention span typically doesn’t last more than several hours, and definitely not as long as nine months. So when the big day for newborn’s … Read more

Baby Shower Idea: Include Dad and the Kids in the Festivities

Great Baby Shower Idea: Hold a Co-ed or Family Baby Showers for Both Guys, Girls, and Kids! Some men may not want to be part of the Baby Shower, and that’s okay. But what about those men who really want to be part of the process? Why should they be denied based on an implied tradition that … Read more

Babies – What a Wonderful Gift

by: Kitty Barker Babies take a lot of attention and a lot of love it is time well spent. The loving is always easy. Who could not love a little baby? The attention and care for babies may present a problem for anyone who is not use to being around little one’s. Eventually you will … Read more

Using baby sign language to help encourage your baby’s speech

by: Jackie Durnin Baby sign language has been shown to very beneficial to a baby’s language development. So much so, that the typical language parameters of children are changing thanks to a child’s ability to express themselves through baby sign from as early as 6 months of age. So how can a parent know if … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: More Valentine’s Baby Shower Party Ideas

Valentine’s and babies have something in common – they are both all about love!  It stands to reason that using a Valentine’s or Heart themed baby shower will be a wonderful affair for both the hostess and her guests.  And, with this theme you can go basic and simple or over the top and elegant. … Read more

Baby Language

by: Mary Rose Most parents wish that their baby would grow up without crying. But remember that without crying your baby will not be able to communicate anything with you. Accept the fact that crying is a way of developing the baby language. Especially, in the first six months, babies cry to communicate their needs. … Read more