Baby in the womb

By Ricky Hussey Every parent is curious to see his or her newborn baby. But before the baby steps out in the beautiful world there are many process take place relating to its development, may it be socially, physically, mentally or emotionally. Thus it becomes very important to know the developments when the baby is … Read more

What to add and what not to in a baby world

By aliyasen Mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be should know certain things before a baby is born. Quality baby products and accessories are essential for an infant. Comfort and toys are some of the most important things in the baby world. They allow babies to enjoy a great time in their small baby world. The many colorful baby … Read more

How to Choose Baby Clothing

By Orson Dixon A newborn has to be nurtured in a loving and caring environment. Every item for the baby, starting from diapers to feeding bottles to baby food must be bought after careful inspection. The baby should be kept as comfortable as possible. However, the most important aspect is picking out the baby’s clothes. … Read more

How to Choose Baby Gift Sets

By Alice Shown Typically, those who visit the newborn baby gift sets. These usually comprise: Baby art magic box Picture Frames Nursing pillows Soothers Baby toys Online shopping for baby gift sets makes it easier to look through the assortment and find the best discounts. Baby Gift Sets: Types Simple ideas make a big impact, … Read more

Baby Care – Feeding Solids

By Amaury Hernández There is no set time for introducing solid foods into a baby’s diet. Some parents start offering their baby cereal as early as six weeks, but this can place considerable strain on a baby’s digestive system. Generally, a baby thrives on a liquid diet, supplemented with vitamins, for the first six months. … Read more

Baby Finances – Keeping your baby costs down

By Richard Greenwood Having a baby is an exciting time but it can quickly get very expensive. As if it wasn’t bad enough having all the costs you might also lose one of your incomes if your currently a two income household. In order to keep out of debt and financially stable you may need … Read more

What baby items should you look for at baby stores?

By aliyasen As soon as you know that you are going to have a baby in the home, you realize that there are several things that you have to buy to be prepared for the new arrival. Getting ready for a baby usually includes visiting baby stores to ensure you are well equipped from toys … Read more

Baby Care – Baby’s Temperature

By Amaury Hernández A newborn baby is unable to control body heat as efficiently as an older child. External changes in temperature can vary a baby’s body temperature considerably. Unless a baby is kept adequately warm, he or she could suffer from hypothermia. This does not mean that the parents must constantly check the baby’s … Read more

How to Choose a Baby Gate

By Jackie G. Maxwell Once your baby is out of their crib and playpen, you’re going to need some way of ensuring their safety. That’s why learning how to choose a baby gate can be one of the most important things you’ll do while baby-proofing the house. The first place you’ll want to install a … Read more

5 Interesting Facts About Video Baby Monitor

By deel Qureshi Many families all over the globe have started using baby video monitors in order to keep a watch on their baby while they are in a different room. You can do your work and also monitor your baby’s movements in parallel. It is to be noted here that as a precautionary measure, … Read more

Finding The Perfect Baby Shoes

By Morgan Hamilton  I find it amusing when I see how much effort parents put into baby clothing, when the fact is that babies are not fashion conscious creatures. Of course they will cry if they feel uncomfortable with their clothing, but all you really have to do is distract them with something shiny, and … Read more

Experience The World in a More Baby Friendly Way

By Robin Johnson You really can take your baby anywhere as long as you have some type of baby sling, you are as untethered as you were when you were pregnant. The beating of mother’s heart, the gurgling of her tummy, the murmur of voices. These are all noises that soothe a newborn baby. Sounds … Read more