3 Priceless Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Okay… I know you are thinking I will promo some of my FDC store items in this article; but you would be wrong! These baby shower gift ideas will not only make a priceless gifts to the new parents, but won’t cost you an arm and leg either. One of my favorite design theories is: Less is More!

Baby Shower Gift Idea #1 – Baby Door Muffler

Is this the coolest or what! Make a muffler pad with felt (or other fabric) and stuff with some batting then sew (or hand stitch) the edges together. Attach elastic (or you can use additional ribbon) to the ends that is long enough to loop from each end of the muffler around the door handles. Then use any kind of ribbon you would like over the elastic to create a dressy bow above each handle. Your muffler pad should be wide enough to cover the entire door latch, and the ribbon should be the same width as the muffler pad. Design possibilities are endless! And, best of all, mom and dad can check on baby anytime without fear of waking him/her up!

Baby Door Muffler

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Baby Shower Gift Idea #2 – Don’t Ring the Doorbell!

In this age of computers how hard can this be! Get some printer cardstock (in any color you want), use any wording and/or graphics you want. I suggest you laminate the finished message so that it is weather resistant. Add a wire to hang on the door, and tie a coordinating bow at the top. Presto, you have made baby’s nap time much more uneventful! This is a gift that mom will appreciate more than words can say.


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Baby Shower Gift Idea #3 – The Baby Patter

Take an old glove (any kind) and fill it with barley, beans, or other filler, and then sew or hand stitch the opening closed to keep the filler in. When baby fusses during the night, lay the glove on baby’s back, pat his/her back a few times until he/she settles back to sleep, leave the glove on baby’s back and skip off to bed. Baby won’t know you’ve gone and everyone gets to sleep a little more that night. Fantastic idea! Okay, so it might not work every time, but when it does – it’s genius!

The Baby Patter

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Three little, inexpensive baby shower gift ideas that any mom will treasure. Quick and easy to make, and there is one thing you can be sure of… Mom probably won’t get more than one of any of these! In fact, why not treat her to all three!

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