7 Tips for Comforting a Crying Baby

Refluxby: Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P.

You have just taken your baby home from the hospital and it is one of the happiest days of your life. Well, not if you are having a difficult time comforting your crying baby. Many parents get overly concerned that there is something wrong with their baby because she is crying.

The truth is, babies cry! Even when your baby is perfectly happy, they may still cry. Babies are wonderfully complex human beings that we all want to make happy.

Babies cry sometimes because they want food, need a diaper, just want to be held, and sometimes they cry for no reason at all. That is the difficult part for many new parents. As a parent, you automatically want your child to feel better and stop crying.

Here are a few helpful hints:

1. Relax – Your baby will be able to sense that you are stressed. Learn to relax even when she is screaming. Your ability to relax will be passed on to her. She will feel your body relax.

2. Necessities – Make sure all her essential needs have been met. Even if she was just fed, she might still be hungry. Don’t deny a baby food, she knows when she needs more! If she is hungry, feed her again. It is ok to feed her again; babies go through periods of growth spurts when they may eat every hour, especially if they are breastfed.

3. Dad – If mom has been trying to calm baby for awhile and it is not working, let dad have a go at it. Sometimes, the deep soothing voice of a father can get a baby right out of her crying spell.

4. Vacuum – Yep, vacuum. The loud constant sound of a vacuum is actually very soothing to a baby. At first, it may startle her, but the continuous sound will quickly send her off to la la land.

5. Rocking – An old-fashioned rocking chair works wonders for an upset baby. Just give her a few minutes to settle into the motion and she may be asleep before you know it.

6. Let her be – This is a really hard one for new parents. Sometimes your baby just does not want to be held. Your rocking, swaying, and talking could actually be making her more upset. Try setting her down in her crib. Give her a few minutes and see if she isn’t a little happier.

7. Relax Again – It cannot be stressed enough that your baby knows what you are feeling. She can sense that your heart rate is up and that you are feeling overwhelmed. Take a few deep breaths and try to get your blood pressure down.

Getting a crying baby to stop crying does not have to be your goal of parenting. Yes, there are times that your child will be crying for a reason. More often, though, she will be crying because of gas, over stimulation, or no reason at all. Try the above techniques and see if they help you through your baby’s next crying spell.

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