Adoption Baby Shower Party Ideas

Adoption Baby Shower Party Ideas

There seems to be two main themes used for adoption showers. That doesn’t mean you cannot use any other theme you wish, it just means my research turned up more information on these two themes more than any others. The first is a Travel Theme party showing the country of birth and the move to your home. The second is a Missing Piece theme, showing the adopted child has filled a void in your family.

I have this section up a little differently and included links to adoptive information, blog, and personal stories. People who adopt are as special as they children they adopt. I am a little in awe of them. So, with that said, below is the information I have accumulated thus far.  I hope it helps you plan a fantastic party for your adoptive parents.


Adopt Ideas
Heart felt sayings
 Adopt IdeasAdopt Ideas
 Passport InvitationsGlobe-Trotting Invitation – If the child is traveling internationally to come home, incorporate the “globe-trotting” theme into the shower. This “worldy” globe cracks open to reveal a custom invite for all your guests.Thumbprint Tree Guestbook for child’s room.


Adopt GuestbookAdopt GuestbookJenga Guest Book
In lieu of a guestbook, write on the back of puzzle pieces, complete the puzzle, and put in a two-sided glass frame for the child’s room.A thumbprint tree for the child’s room.  Shows him all the new people in his life that love him.Building Memories: Jenga Guest Book – Have your guests leave a note on a Jenga block!  This game set can be pulled out for future family game nights and get-togethers with old friends.


Adopt IdeasAdopt Ideas
Puzzling Advice – Keeping the “missing piece” theme going, have guests write advice on little puzzle pieces for the family! Whether it’s advice on how to swaddle a baby, or how to talk to older kids about adoption, parenting tips are welcome!Notes For the Family – Alternatively, print small photo-sized pages with the outline of the adopted child’s home country and then have guests write fun, inspirational notes for the family. They can read these sweet words while traveling to meet their newest member.
Adopt IdeasAdopt IdeasAdopt Ideas
 Puzzle Candle – use a glass candle in a large glass container and fill the space between with puzzle pieces.All Around the World – The globe and “all around the world” theme. Set up globes around as decoration. This doesn’t just apply to international adoptions either — it can be a methaphor to show “there are no borders when it comes to love!”Important Dates – From their birthday, to the placement date, to the take-home date, they’re all important days that’ll forever go on the family’s calendar. Commemorate them with a special “important dates” plaque. It doubles as shower and nursery decor.
Adopt Ideas Adopt IdeasAdopt Ideas
A globe as part of the decoration to show where the child was born.Map Pinwheels.Country Info – To educate all the guests, and to incorporate a fun conversation started, feature facts on the child’s home country (or state) around the party. Then, plan a surprise quiz during the festivities to see who paid the most attention. Framed versions can be given to the family for the baby’s new room.


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Adopt CookiesAdopt PopsAdopt Cookies
Cookies in the shape of the child’s country of birth. Globe cake pops for an international favor.Adoption Cookies


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Adopt CakeAdopt CakeAdopt Cake
 Missing Piece Cake Missing Piece Cake Missing Piece Cake


Adopt Table
Adopt Table
Adopt Table

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