Advantages of Natural Childbirth

BabyBy: Tommy Barton

Natural childbirth allows you to be in control of your body during the entire process of labor, with less routine interventions. If you prefer this option, you also accept the possibility that you will have to go through pain and discomfort as part of the birthing process. However, with the preparation that you do and support that you get from your spouse, family, and doctor or midwife, you will feel empowered and satisfied by going through natural childbirth. Here are some of the advantages:

Natural childbirth is healthier for the baby. You have to know that interventions for childbirth like , electronic fetal monitoring, and epidurals can add unnecessary risk to your baby. Unlike if you go through this procedure, your baby will be in a more alert and active state once he comes out and see the world for the first time.

Natural childbirth gives a strong sense of empowerment and accomplishment to the would-be mother because this lets her feel that she is in charge of the whole birthing process. Since you are conscious and active during the onset of labor and birth, you will be more in control of your body, on which you can even move about freely and find positions where you will be comfortable during labor. And when it is time to push your baby out, you will feel some sense of fulfillment because you are able to successfully surpass the whole process of childbirth.

Natural childbirth allows the mother and the baby to bond in a momentous way after the delivery. Since you and your baby are not drugged during the birthing process, both of you will be more alert and responsive once the baby is placed on your abdomen.

The very first word that can be associated with natural childbirth is “pain” and the would-be-mother will experience pain when going through labor and delivery. This is because most stories you hear, television shows you see, and books you read tell us that giving birth through natural process is painful. And it somewhat convinced your thought that it really is painful and an experience that should be skipped or worse avoided. The truth is, the experience of giving birth through natural process can be a very pleasant one. And there are methods on how to make it more meaningful without taking medical assistance. Some of these are breathing exercises, visualization, and self-hypnosis.

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