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Storybooks are still the #1 Baby Shower Theme

Before we discuss the current themes, let’s take minute and review where the idea of baby showers originated.  There are a number of “Rites of Passage” humans go through.  The first is birth, then puberty, marriage, giving birth or motherhood, with the final rite being that of death.  Baby shower rituals are part of the rite of motherhood.  Over the centuries, these rituals have evolved into a celebration of life.

During the Victorian Era the beginnings of the modern day baby shower were born.  Although the prim and proper ladies of the time would never say the word “pregnant”, they did gather and hold celebratory tea parties after a birth.  If gifts were exchanged they were usually handmade.  The modern idea of a baby shower – which is to “shower” the new mother with gifts – started during WWII.  The gifts were chosen with care as it was intended to lessen the financial burden on the young couple.

The baby shower went from an after-the-birth event to celebrating before the birth, so that the nursery would be prepared and waiting for baby.  Today baby showers are all about helping the parents prepare the nursery and stock on up things like diapers, baby products, clothes and bedding.  If the new mom is having her second or third (or higher child), then the shower given is termed a “Sprinkle” shower, as it is assumed she only needs a “sprinkling,” instead of a full on “shower,” of gifts.

Typically, mid 20th century baby showers were generally women only events.  Now, in the 21st century, it is women, men and/or kids.  Basically, a really cool reason to throw a great party.  The style of that party varies and changes, and it is only limited by one’s imagination.  Themes come and go, but the really great ones continue to make the list of popular themes for baby showers.


  1. Storybooks:  Each guest brings one storybook for the new baby’s library.
  2. Nursery rhymes:  Mary had a Little Lamb, Patty Cake, etc.
  3. Disney characters: Mickey or Minnie Mouse, Dumbo, Donald Duck, Pluto, Winnie The Pooh and all the 100-Acre Wood crew.
  4. Cartoon characters:  Each guest brings a gift with a favorite cartoon character and all the decorations, the cake, the tableware are cartoon themed.
  5. Dr. Seuss:  Horton, One Fish Two Fish, Cat in the Hat
  6. Garden Party:  bugs, bees, butterflies, caterpillars, ladybugs, ducks, lilypads, etc.
  7. Beach or Under the Sea:  Baby seals, penguins, fish, polar bears, sand castles, umbrellas,
  8. Baby Animals:  forest friends, puppies, kitties, frogs, horses, barnyard friends, zoo babies, etc.
  9. Spa Party:  Held either at a home or spa.  Guest enjoys pampering and make overs.
  10. Victorian Tea Party:  Elegant and slower paced parties with finger foods and plenty of tea.

New on the scene of baby showers, are the “Daddy Dos,” which is an all men’s party where each guest brings a package of diapers, or other gift, and the ritual of male bonding takes place over the barbecue or a sports game.  Daddy Dos are becoming very popular among those couples that prefer to have a traditional women only baby shower for the new mom.

Whatever theme you choose, be inventive… be unique.  Whether you choose pastel or bright colors, stripes or polka dots, plain prints or plaid.  Remember it is a party!  Enjoy yourselves!

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