Antidepressants and Pregnancy

DepressionBy David B Smith

In our community pregnancy is considered wonderful, and all women are assumed to be supremely happy and gratified with their dreams of motherhood at long last being realized.

Though, while this picturesque scene exists, the reality remains that, no matter how competent and supported the woman is, the process is draining and unbelievably stressful. Considering this, it is hardly astonishing that it can lead the most proud-to-be mums into bouts of depression.

As a woman, to have your body transformed beyond her control is understandably difficult. While Hollywood mums may maintain that they have never felt more desirable, it is harder for us mere mortals to come to terms with the transformation in life not to mention the waist line. Personal image may seem vain, but continues to be a enormous factor in a positive and healthy out look in life. For countless woman this is a huge hurtle, even without the bundle of baby lump stretching your top. Loss of control of your body can feel like a loss of control over life and the important relationships in it. While all these moods are valid and for some become a far-off memory, for others an on going hardship which demand attention.

To be positive and proud of your new body is wonderful, particularly as the weight gain is an necessary part of pregnancy. Of course, on the contrary, women often feel embarrassed by the way they look, not being able to fit in to that fabulous black top anymore is much more difficult than you would imagine! But to battle some of these problems many woman have suggested easy steps to deal with these problems like shopping. It sounds like a horrible cliche, but to buy fitting and fashionable clothes when you have been living in stretch pants can do amazing things for your self esteem. There is a quickly growing call for prenatal clothing which looks first-class and is practical (that’s one thing we can thank Hollywood mums for) and requires to little effort to track down one at your local mall.

Other external remedies that have been suggested is a new make-up or make-over in a store or an appointment at the nice hair dresser round the corner. This continuation of participating in activities which were upbeat before pregnancy can help maintain the new mum feeling isolated from her pre-children life but rather ease into a new stage.

A partner’s, family and friends support is very important, however even with all that it merely can produce a sense of confusion. “I have a marvelous husband and he is so excited about the baby, but I am not,” she is also not alone. If talking with friends and trying positive activities is still not making a difference than further help should be sort. If a local counselor, or a support group for pregnant woman enabling the individual to chat about physical and psychological problems with woman going through the same changes. Even exercise classes such as yoga and aqua aerobics specifically catering for pregnant woman which provide a social level of normality and relatable women. Local G.P.s should be able to provide many of these contacts.

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