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7 Tips for Comforting a Crying Baby

by: Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. You have just taken your baby home from the hospital and it is one of the happiest days of your life. Well, not if you are having a difficult time comforting your crying baby. Many parents get overly concerned that there is something wrong with their baby because she is crying. … Read more

10 Tips On Finding A Name For Your Baby

by: Tali Saar Having a new baby means a lot of preparation. Taking child birth classes, preparing the nursery, picking cloths, changing the arrangement of the whole house and of course coming up with the right name for your child. This might not be an easy assignment. Many different options and opinions, many different reasons … Read more

You, Your Newborn, Your Partner And Your Emotional Rollercoaster

by: Sandra Martinez Your first meeting with your baby has a power that moves mountains, it will define the first step in the process of bonding and you will never forget it. Especially if the delivery was natural, he won’t be the cute little thing of diaper ads, she will be all wrinkled like a … Read more

Discover More About The Wonderful Life Of A 1 Month Old Baby

by: Linda E. Joy He was your bundle of joy when he was first born. And now,a month down the line, he is a gurgling,fascinating 1 month baby. While the pride and joy continues to remain. There are also a number of other things that you need to know regarding your 1 month baby now. … Read more

Biblical Baby Names — A Treasure Trove For Expectant Parents

by: Neil Street I recently had the opportunity to conduct a short but fascinating print interview with Judith Tropea, author of the recently-published book, “Classic Biblical Baby Names – Timeless Names for Modern Parents.” At the outset, I was struck by a quotation from the book’s introduction — a quotation from Proverbs, 22:1, “A good … Read more

Every Mental Illness is a Chronic Disease: Including Depression

by Linda Rosenburg Misconceptions about mental illness have existed for centuries. Accused of everything from moral failings to demonic possession, people with mental illness had been forced to hide their suffering. The Surgeon General of the United States reported in 1999 that stigma was the single largest barrier to the recovery of people with mental … Read more

Pregnant Stretch Marks – Simple Tips To Help To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

by Steve Barker Almost every new or expectant mother may worry about the appearance of stretch marks, this is very common among pregnant women. Pregnant stretch marks, however, can become a source of embarrassment for you, especially if they are highly noticeable after your child has been born. Even though this is such a common … Read more

Pregnant And Obese: Are The Maternity Services Adequate?

by Daniel Harris The UK public is getting heavier. March statistics show that 1:4 of the population is now clinically obese. This has meant a steep increase in obesity related health disorders including type II diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and joint problems. As a result, many patients have considered bariatric surgery to treat their obesity. … Read more

Remembering to Make Memories – Modern Day Alternatives to the Traditional Baby Book

by Kate Cahill The changes and developments babies experience in their first few years are life are rapid and precious. One day they are drinking formula out of a bottle and the next day they are vocal enough to express that the food from your dinner plate looks more appealing. Of course, these cherished moments … Read more