Healthy Teeth for Babies Key to future Dental Health

Author: Brendon Buthello Healthy teeth help babies to chew food easily, and to speak properly. They also help to have babies a beautiful, healthy smile. In addition to that, baby teeth are the place keepers of permanent teeth. They prevent early diseases and tooth loss and also help in preventing future orthodontic issues. Fortunately, dental … Read more

Helping Babies through their Teens – Pediatric Dentists in Seattle

Author: Ron Warner Dental professionals who are devoted solely to children and teenagers are what you call pediatric dentists. Seattle pediatric dentists offer a calm and comfortable atmosphere for kids and customize their clinics for these youngsters by using everything small – from seating to dental instruments. Pediatric clinics also have waiting rooms where a … Read more

Out, Darn Spot! Removing Stains From Babies’ Clothing

Author: Kirsten Hawkins Do you remember the television commercials for the laundry detergent that claimed to remove the embarrassing “ring around the collar?” The husband and wife would be at some social gathering, perhaps dining on Lobster Thermador at the Rotary Club or some such thing, when one of the Gladys Kravitz-esque attendees would notice … Read more

Unusual Baby Shower Gifts For The Child Who Has Everything

By Kelli Evans Showers are such happy occasions for friends and family when they gather with gifts and well wishes for a new arrival. Often the family already has everything they could possibly need for the new arrival, especially if they already have children, and you may struggle to decide on an interesting and unique … Read more

Advantages of Buying a Convertible Baby Crib

By Jossielyn Lucero A convertible baby crib is a great investment for baby’s needs. Although, it costs more than a standard baby crib, it is one of those baby furniture that you will keep for so many years. It is always true that every parent is more than willing to give his or her children … Read more

Child Care And The 10 Commandments of Parenthood!

By: Mick Young Parenting is one of the most important jobs you will ever have. These ten simple common sense guidelines will help you raise confident kids and resilient teenagers. They are the wisest commandments ever commended to parents: 1. Thou shall be consistent. Do as you say you will. Children know where they stand … Read more

Parenting Your Toddler

By: Rachelle Salinger Parenting is not for the faint of heart—especially if we’re talking about parenting toddlers! At this stage, your child starts to show her unique personality and to develop interests and preferences. It may be a newfound obsession with “princess” like dresses and hair accessories, or it may be an endearing habit, like … Read more