Tips On Planning For A Baby Shower

By Alice Nance Who doesn’t get excited when a baby is on its way? Aside from their caring mothers, everyone in the family gets that certain thrill. You’re about to welcome another being in this world and it’s certainly a joy. How do you celebrate the child’s arrival? How about having a great time with … Read more

Totally Digital Event Planner Checklist and Gift List & Guest List Trackers

Introducing our Totally Digital Party Event Planner, Gift List & Guest List Trackers! The Party Event Planner Checklist, Gift List Tracker, and Guest List Tracker are Digital PDF downloads to help you plan your next Baby Shower, Daddy Do, or other event.  Once you download the documents to your computer, you can type in your planning … Read more

Creative Baby Shower Theme Reviews & Tips

By Darren Kenzo Ang So, you’ll need a unique exclusive baby shower theme to create your party various, huh? A baby shower is not just about helping parents-to-be get prepared for their small arrival, but about enjoyable, encourage and memories for years to come. Why not use an exclusive baby shower theme to piece together … Read more

5 perfect presents to bring to your next baby shower

By Claire James With the pregnancy bug constantly in the air, there is a very good chance that you will know someone who is already pregnant or is at least planning a baby. Pregnant women mean shopping, but finding that perfect gift can be a real headache. Here are the best five gifts you can … Read more

Baby Shower Party Supplies – Great Ideas For The Mother-to-be

By Rand Fortescue A baby shower is a memorable event for any new mother-to-be. Family and friends want to share in the joy of the new arrival and express their love with a fun party loaded with presents for the new baby. Selecting the right baby shower party supplies can make this momentous event even … Read more

Surprise An Expectant Mother With A Well-Planned Baby Shower!

By Edie Mindell Baby showers are a great way from the expectant mother and her closest friends and family members to celebrate the upcoming birth of the new baby. As you plan the baby shower, remember that you don’t have to plan anything overly extravagant; the baby shower is more about celebrating the new baby … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: The Backyard Barbeque Baby Shower

A Barbecue Baby Shower screams family time.  So this theme is great for including not only men but kids as well.  The barbecue atmosphere is great for keeping things casual, as well as keeping all the mess and clean up outside!  And, best of all you can ditch the usual baby shower games and have … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: A Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to think about gardening and outdoor parties.  What better outdoor party idea than a Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower!  From the great decorations to the party food, whether your shower will be for couples or just for mom, a Hawaiian luau is a fabulous, colorful baby shower … Read more

Baby Shower Themes

By Cathy Cripps Once the type of shower has been decided on, the fun begins in creating a theme. Sometimes, the shower will be very elegant, sometimes more casual, and sometimes, just downright fun. The theme of the shower should be a direct reflection on the expectant parents’ personalities and lifestyle. Therefore, when hosting, it is … Read more

Break The Ice With These Fun Baby Shower Games

By Christopher Smith Choosing to host a baby shower for your friend can be a daunting endeavor, and one area which you will want to think about is what kind of games you want to play. Here are some ideas for entertaining baby shower games as well as other ways to ensure people have a great … Read more

A Daddy Baby Shower – New Twist on the old Baby Shower

By Randy Wilson Try something new, a Daddy Baby Shower. Even though no one would realistically expect a new daddy-to-be to sit around with his closest buddies, opening baby shower gifts and playing party games while oohing and aahing over the imminent birth of his child. That doesn’t mean that Dad can’t have a baby … Read more

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