Baby Shower Ideas: The Backyard Barbeque Baby Shower

A Barbecue Baby Shower screams family time. So this theme is great for including not only men but kids as well. The barbecue atmosphere is great for keeping things casual, as well as keeping all the mess and clean up outside! And, best of all you can ditch the usual baby shower games and have … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: A Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to think about gardening and outdoor parties. What better outdoor party idea than a Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower! From the great decorations to the party food, whether your shower will be for couples or just for mom, a Hawaiian luau is a fabulous, colorful baby shower … Read more

Baby Shower Themes

By Cathy Cripps Once the type of shower has been decided on, the fun begins in creating a theme. Sometimes, the shower will be very elegant, sometimes more casual, and sometimes, just downright fun. The theme of the shower should be a direct reflection on the expectant parents’ personalities and lifestyle. Therefore, when hosting, it is … Read more

A Daddy Baby Shower – New Twist on the old Baby Shower

By Randy Wilson Try something new, a Daddy Baby Shower. Even though no one would realistically expect a new daddy-to-be to sit around with his closest buddies, opening baby shower gifts and playing party games while oohing and aahing over the imminent birth of his child. That doesn’t mean that Dad can’t have a baby … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: Start with a Basic Black and White Party Theme

Starting with a basic color scheme of black and white can open up your decorations to a multitude of color options and theme possibilities! Black and white is a glamorous color scheme all by it self, and I really enjoy a total black and white party. However, when you bring the party food into the … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: More Mexican Fiesta Baby Shower Party Ideas

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas Another of summer’s all time great party ideas is having a Mexican Fiesta! A Fiesta is a perfect opportunity to indulge your fantasies with outrageous color combinations, wild decorations, and best of all… a reason to dust off those Mexican recipes you’ve been holding on to! Can you tell, I am … Read more

Practical Baby Shower Gifts

The impending birth of a new child is always reason for celebrating. Each new birth produces hope for the future inside all of us – new moms and dads, family members, and even co-workers of the new parents. The giving of presents to honor the new baby’s arrival is a centuries old tradition in almost … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Ideas

Somehow ducks are synonymous with baby showers. One of the most popular baby shower themes is still the Ducky Baby Shower. Although usually the colors associated with a ducky theme are yellow and blue, there are other choices available – yellow and pink, yellow and green, yellow and white, pastels, etc. The ducky baby shower … Read more

Baby Shower Decorations

The ideas for baby shower decorations are about as endless as a person’s imagination. You can decorate for a specific theme, or just go for it with balloons and crepe paper. Some of the most popular shower themes are: any kind of Animal themes, jungle or safari, Disney, Storybooks, Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, Ducks, garden … Read more