Save Time With Printable Games For Baby Showers

by: Ilse Wilkins One of the greatest ways to celebrate a baby shower is by playing some baby themed shower games. These baby shower games are fun, entertaining and easy to find. There are a lot of printable games for baby showers available on the Internet. Expect some laughter to occur during game time! But … Read more

Babies And Napping

By: David Beart Naptime is a blessing for you and your baby. Here are some tips on how to make this important time as beneficial as possible for you both. Why Should Babies Nap? Naps are not just important for their restorative value, although that is their most obvious benefit. Children’s sleep expert Elizabeth Pantley … Read more

Baby Shower Cake Ideas : For A Great Centerpiece and Dessert

by: Karen O’Donnell A baby shower is a form of celebration that aims to welcome the newest member in the family. Although baby showers were originally intended only for first-borns modern practices now allow baby shower parties for every baby that comes in the family. Baby showers are usually organized and arranged by the relatives … Read more

Hosting a Baby Shower and Need Help Getting Started?

Baby Shower Planning Ideas Are you hosting a Baby Shower and need help getting started? Are you admitting defeat as to how to go about making arrangements for your friend’s or family member’s baby shower? Can’t even think of an appropriate present to give? Then let’s begin at the beginning, shall we? Party preparations should … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: Valentines Baby Shower

What better way to welcome baby than with a Valentines Baby Shower! Valentines are all about love, and so are babies! Is it any wonder that February’s most popular holiday is a also a very popular baby shower theme? Normally one would select the colors of red, pink and white for this theme. But who … Read more

Baby Showers – Don’t Leave the Siblings out!

For nine months the older brother(s) and/or sister(s) have been told that they will have a brother or sister entering the house. That’s quite a long time in the life of a tiny child. Their attention span typically doesn’t last more than several hours, and definitely not as long as nine months. So when the big day for newborn’s … Read more

All Things Baby Shower

Storybooks are still the #1 Baby Shower Theme Before we discuss the current themes, let’s take minute and review where the idea of baby showers originated. There are a number of “Rites of Passage” humans go through. The first is birth, then puberty, marriage, giving birth or motherhood, with the final rite being that of … Read more

Baby Shower Idea: Include Dad and the Kids in the Festivities

Great Baby Shower Idea: Hold a Co-ed or Family Baby Showers for Both Guys, Girls, and Kids! Some men may not want to be part of the Baby Shower, and that’s okay. But what about those men who really want to be part of the process? Why should they be denied based on an implied tradition that … Read more

How to Make a Your Own Baby Shower Gift Basket

How to Make a Your Own Baby Shower Gift Basket It’s really easy to make your own gift basket. Making your own gift basket is the best way to make sure you don’t go over your budget. I say this because once you start baby shopping, you can’t quit – at least I can’t. There … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: More Valentine’s Baby Shower Party Ideas

Valentine’s and babies have something in common – they are both all about love! It stands to reason that using a Valentine’s or Heart themed baby shower will be a wonderful affair for both the hostess and her guests. And, with this theme you can go basic and simple or over the top and elegant. … Read more