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Baby Temperament and Personality Can Affect Baby’s Sleep

By Nicole A. Johnson Temperament is defined as how a child naturally reacts to situations and stimuli, her mood, her ability to calm herself and her activity level. Many researchers believe that temperament is biological which means this is how a child is wired to be and it is not a result of his environment. … Read more

Reasons to Practice Baby Wearing

By Ciara Coleman Baby wearing, the practice of carrying a baby in a sling or another carrier, has been practiced for centuries around the world but has become increasingly popular in recent years, partly as a result of the influence attachment parenting has had. Dr. William Sears, a pediatrician, coined the phrase attachment parenting. One … Read more

Baby Cribs — 7 Tips For Choosing The Best Baby Crib

by Helen Burroughs During the first year of life, your baby will spend up to 70% of his or her time in the baby crib you choose. The baby crib is one of the most important investments you will make before your baby arrives. Here are seven useful tips to help you choose the best … Read more

How To Talk To Your Baby – And Understand What She’s Saying Back

by Keziah Engineer It is incredible, but within a years time your baby will progress from random crying to talking. This is quite an achievement for your baby and in a very short period of time. In this chapter we will look at your baby’s development when it comes to language. You’ll also discover what … Read more

Advance Baby Carrier Makes for Precious Baby Equipment

by Ram Verma There is very possibility that you might be thinking of the factors which parents consider while placing an order for baby carriers. To begin with, just find out the actual weight and age of baby. You will come across plenty of manufacturers which are offering baby carriers on the basis of the … Read more

Stay Away from Low Iron Baby Formula

by Matt D Murren New parents are always worried about their children and what they need to do to meet their baby’s needs. After being totally joyous they often become very concerned about their baby’s nutrition and wonder whether they are feeding their little one just the right way. The following tips will help determine … Read more