Asian Inspired Baby Shower Party Favors

Asian Baby Shower Party Ideas


Felt Fortune Cookies China Doll Bookmark Tutorial
Felt Fortune Cookies
Favors or Decoration
China Doll Bookmark Tutorial
Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies Chinese Fan 5 Spice Favor
Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies Chinese Fan Craft Chinese 5 Spice Blend – great favor idea
Mini Bamboo Favors Chinese Favors Fortune-Cookie Favors
Place small, inexpensive bamboo plants (a good luck symbol in Chinese culture) on food and gift tables. Display the tiny plants on shallow, square or rectangular trays filled partway with sand and embellished with river rocks. A pretty little treat made from gold Sixlet candies and a fan made from a red fruit roll up Fortune-Cookie Favors

Zen Garden Party Favor -Using inexpensive, wall-mounted black picture frames (skip frames with an easel back — they won’t sit flat). Remove and discard the frame’s cardboard and glass inserts until you’re left with what’s essentially a shallow tray. Fill the container evenly with sand and smooth it out as much as possible.

In one area of the garden, use the blunt end of a pen, pencil, or other straight tool to write the word “baby” or the name of the baby-to-be (if you know it) in the sand. You can also create “ripple” patterns with a Zen rake, then embellish with river rocks, leaves, and other natural elements.

Zen Garden Favors

Chinese Firecrackers Chinese Firecrackers – Hang in bunches.

You will need: Toilet roll tube and Red and gold paint.Instructions: Simply paint your tube red and leave to dry. Decorate with gold paint. You could paint pink blossoms on your fire crackers, too, like the ones above, or perhaps paint some of the Chinese zodiac animals.

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