Asian, Chinese, Japanese Baby Shower Ideas

Having a party with an Asian or Oriental flare? Well, then you are in luck. Whether you are choosing a Chinese or Japanese baby shower theme, here is where you will find some terrific party ideas. Party themes are Japanese Tea Party, Chinese New Year and more!. Have fun!

Asian Baby Shower Ideas


Paper Lantern Asian Party Ideas
Embellish paper lanterns with faux flowers and leaves. Decorate with Orchids. Chinese umbrellas come in all colors of the rainbow. Choose one or two, or just go for it and use all the colors you can find.
Asian Decorations Asian Decorations
Pussy willow is a favorite flower for Chinese New Year. Stalks of the plant are frequently decorated with gold and red ornaments/red packets. Dried Chinese Lanterns are also a good choice for floral and centerpiece displays. Dress up your lanterns with cording and fringe.
Glitter Chinese Lanterns Flowered Chinese Lanterns Parasol backdrop
Glittered Chinese Lanterns – fold out the lantern, spray on your adhesive and sprinkle glitter then repeat this to the rest of the lantern. Don’t spray glue on all at once or it will dry faster then you sprinkle. Add your lighting of choice. Flowered Chinese Lanterns – Use the same technique shown on the left, but instead of glittering the lantern, use faux/silk flowers to make a stunning visual decoration. Photo Backdrop – Use layered Chinese umbrellas as a background for your party photos.
Asian Styled Centerpiece – use bamboo, anthuriums, ginger, dendrobium and arachnis orchids, golden lotus pods, tropical foliages and Chinese fans to make a centerpiece. Combine all or just a few. You can also decorate with Lucky Bamboo Plants. Puff Painted Vases – To create them yourself, use empty old cans and jars, puffy bead paint and white matte spray paint. Makes for an excellent home decor accent and gift
Make a Cocktail Umbrella Lantern Sky Lanterns
Use drink umbrellas to make decorations. Start with a Styrofoam ball and simply insert the stick of the umbrellas into the ball until it is covered. Hang or turn into topiaries. DIY Chinese Lanterns from plastic dryer vent. Just cut to the size you want. Attach to a cardboard circle, and paint to your desire color. Hang as a garland or from ceiling lights Send wishes for baby into the sky. See link to purchase below in Lantern links.

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