Things to remember while going for baby outings

By BijayaniSwain We all understand that parenthood is a wonderful feeling. After becoming a parent, your joy may know no bound. So, in order to make the most of this incredible feeling, if you are planning an outing with your little one, then here are a few suggestions on what to take baby outing. These … Read moreThings to remember while going for baby outings

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking In Todays World

By Kelsey Libby A baby is one of the most precious gifts of nature that a family could have. It is the source of ultimate joy for the parents and the rest of the family. Only by holding your child in your arms, you could have a true taste of parenthood. Many of us don’t … Read moreUmbilical Cord Blood Banking In Todays World

Forgive, But Don’t Forget

By Len Stauffenger Parenthood is a privilege. You have one choice opportunity to help your children become successful, happy adults. You can’t do this until you forgive their other parent. Here’s how. It’s such a privilege to be a parent. You get to mold and nurture an innocent young mind. You cannot do a good … Read moreForgive, But Don’t Forget

Mother in Good Humor

By Sherri L Dodd Children – the little buggers can drain your energy, break your valuables and absolutely send you to the moon sometimes. The range of trouble can go from babies with their high decibel crying to toddlers with their never-ending, cluttering curiosity to your preschooler with his gripes and whines and on to … Read moreMother in Good Humor

Your Baby’s First Halloween

by: Carrie Ray Trick-or-treat! A baby or infant may not understand what the phrase means, but he or she can still have fun participating in the Halloween festivities. Of course baby’s first holidays are really for the parents, since baby probably won’t remember any of them, so feel free to dress your little one as … Read moreYour Baby’s First Halloween

The best and worst of motherhood

By Marsha Maung The pain, the joy, the sacrifices, the love, the fear, the confusion, the anxietym panic, loss of time and privacy. The internal battle between our inner personality against our need to with our kids….. Until the moment I became a mother, I couldn’t quite understand or comprehend the depth when people say … Read moreThe best and worst of motherhood

Your New Baby, Blogging, and Modern Motherhood

By Sven Hyltén-Cavallius For the mother of a new baby, blogging is likely to be the last thing on her mind. Taking care of an infant is an almost incredible amount of work, and between changing diapers and putting the final touches on the nursery, it seems unrealistic to imagine that there would be time … Read moreYour New Baby, Blogging, and Modern Motherhood

How To Avoid Weight Gain During And After Pregnancy?

By Peter Filinovich Every woman would want to experience pregnancy in her life as it gives her a new life and a new role, which is “motherhood”. 50% of the women don’t have good knowledge on how to deal with their pregnancy and mainly about how to take care of their weight. Pregnancy is something … Read moreHow To Avoid Weight Gain During And After Pregnancy?

Homage to Motherhood

By Gabriella Gometra A mother of a toddler and baby reflects on the activities that are typical in her day and on the inclination mothers have not to give themselves credit for their accomplishments. She asked mothers to look at their lives from the viewpoint of others and realize that mothers deserve a little pampering … Read moreHomage to Motherhood

Which Exercises Really Fight Depression?

By Samantha Knowles If you have ever felt torn between motherhood and your job, you are not alone. Almost every working mother struggles with feelings of persistent and sometimes overwhelming guilt. It weighs heavily on our conscience, making us question our very sense of self. It makes us doubt both our parenting and our career … Read moreWhich Exercises Really Fight Depression?

Antidepressants and Pregnancy

By David B Smith In our community pregnancy is considered wonderful, and all women are assumed to be supremely happy and gratified with their dreams of motherhood at long last being realized. Though, while this picturesque scene exists, the reality remains that, no matter how competent and supported the woman is, the process is draining … Read moreAntidepressants and Pregnancy

Motherhood And Madness

By Dr. Dorree Lynn When her husband suddenly walked out on her, my friend Barbara was a very young mother of four children between the ages of two and six. Her husband had become addicted to pot and their marriage had begun to disintegrate. Barbara was a “good girl” and she had sixteen years of … Read moreMotherhood And Madness

Want to Know How To Make The Most of Motherhood?

By Iris Shamble Copyright (c) 2007  What does it take to walk it out as a Mother? It takes love, patience and most of all it takes prayer. We can’t achieve great things in life without prayer. Daily intimacy with God will set the path for our day. Be determined you will succeed at everything … Read moreWant to Know How To Make The Most of Motherhood?

Baby Shower Ideas: Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Halloween Baby Shower A Halloween baby shower can be a real “treat”.  Ideas range from just using a black and orange theme to going all out and having a costume party complete with Halloween party foods like Witch’s Brew and finger sandwiches.  There are so many ways to use the Halloween theme that we will … Read moreBaby Shower Ideas: Halloween Baby Shower Ideas