Watching Development Through Baby Milestones

Keeping Track of Baby Milestones “Johnny just rolled over. Has Suzie rolled over yet?” If you have ever been with a group of moms of young babies, you have probably heard a conversation similar to this one. What are they discussing? They are discussing developmental baby milestones. Nothing can send a new mom into a … Read more

COLIC: Your Questions answered by Tina Allen

by: Tina Allen, LMT, CIIT, CIMI What is Colic? Websters Dictionary defines Colic as: Paroxysms of pain. This condition usually occurs in the abdominal region but may occur in other body regions as well. (Paroxysms – . A sudden uncontrollable attack; “a paroxysm of giggling”; “a fit of coughing”.) But really that doesn’t answer your … Read more

Helping Your Toddler Bond With Their New Baby Sibling

By Dr Kaylene Henderson The birth of a new baby represents a massive life change for your toddler although it’s difficult to always remember this, especially when we’re the ones who have been up all night. At those times (if we’re not too sleep-deprived for imaginings), it can be useful to picture OUR lives and … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: The Backyard Barbeque Baby Shower

A Barbecue Baby Shower screams family time. So this theme is great for including not only men but kids as well. The barbecue atmosphere is great for keeping things casual, as well as keeping all the mess and clean up outside! And, best of all you can ditch the usual baby shower games and have … Read more

Baby Sleep Training – How to Mimic the Feeling of the Womb

By Naomi Knight For the entire beginning of their lives, babies are accustomed to one environment: the womb. It can be very jarring to come into a new world with so much new stimuli, and it can cause a feeling of insecurity in baby. The best way to help baby sleep more soundly, make the … Read more

How to Get Your Dog Used to Your Newborn Baby

By Mandy Makein Now comes the most challenging part of having a dog, or dogs, and a baby. This is when all of the training you have done to date comes into play and will make your life much easier and more enjoyable for all. The following article will teach you how to get your dog … Read more

Buying the Correct Size Baby Clothes

By Kimberly Green Buying the correct size of baby clothes can be intimidating if you have never done it before or do not do it often. Most clothing lines are not true to size, making the best of intentions of shopping for clothes for your own baby and gift-giving a frustrating and sometimes financially wasteful … Read more

Your Baby Can Read: Bonding while Learning

By Alfred Ardis Your baby can read: quite a statement to make, but one that parents should heed. It is during the first five years of their life that a child is most easily exposed to learning and developing skills that will lay the foundation for their future education. The award winning program “Your Baby Can … Read more

Baby Shower Ideas: A Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to think about gardening and outdoor parties. What better outdoor party idea than a Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower! From the great decorations to the party food, whether your shower will be for couples or just for mom, a Hawaiian luau is a fabulous, colorful baby shower … Read more

A Simple and Effective way to Baby Proofing

By Meryln Sandra The baby’s safety is always a priority for parents, first timers included. To tackle this they seek advice from their families, friends who have kids, or refer to books to gain more knowledge. Some would-be parents also get advice from professionals. Now how to put it in practice is the challenge. Visit … Read more