Baby Crib Safety – What You Should Know

By mkweidmann

If you’re a mom or dad, no doubt you’ll do anything to protect your baby. One of the places your baby spends a lot of time is in her Baby Crib. You may feel at ease that your little one is safe in her crib, but think again. There is some information you should know about baby crib safety to be sure your little one is safe.

If you are a parent you will certainly go to any means to protect your baby. One of the places your baby spends a lot of time is in her baby crib.

You may think your little one is protected when you put her down to sleep, but think again. There are certain things you need to know about baby crib safety to help keep your child protected.

If the crib is older, get it modified to updated crib safety standards, or get a new one.

Your parents think it would be a good idea to have their grand baby use the crib that they raised you in. Family heirlooms are nice, but not so nice when it comes to baby crib safety. These cribs may have certain harmful components in them that have since been removed in the current models.

For instance, it would not be uncommon for an old wood crib to be painted with lead based paint, splintering because of it’s age, or the space between the slats is to wide. This should sound the danger signal.

While shopping, weather it be a second hand store or a yard sale, you come across an adorable used crib. Just like a used car, have it checked out. Be sure to find out what it is going to take to meet current crib safety standards. If this is not worth your time and effort, don’t buy it. You will be better off with a new one.

Avoid plush, soft bedding.

When you put your baby to sleep, place her on her back, don’t cover her with blankets, or use pillows to cushion her. The baby’s mattress should be firm and covered with a clean, soft sheet, but the room itself should be kept warm enough that no blankets or other accouterments are needed.

Mobiles should be above your baby’s head where they can’t be reached.

Mobiles are fine as a distraction and learning tool for very young babies who are not yet able to sit up, reach, stand or grasp. However, once your child can do these things, make sure mobiles are well out of your child’s reach so that she cannot grab them and pull them down.

If the mobile gets in your child’s hands, there is risk of her choking on tiny parts or strangling on the strings. When your child is able to reach and grab the mobile, removing it from the crib area would be a good idea.

Practicing these Baby Crib safety tips could save you from a useless and unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

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