Baby Intelligence – 9 Top Ways to Enhance Your Baby’s Emotional Intelligence

By: Thomas Lame

Let me show you how to change your baby’s destiny forever. Enhance your baby’s emotional intelligence with 9 top techniques

Emotional intelligence, what is it, and what has it to do with baby intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the inborn ability to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, describe, identify, learn from, manage, understand and explain emotions.Baby

The brains ability to learn and understand this new information, works best when it is challenged. It has been scientifically proven that baby’s and children learn a select group of skills very easily when a window of opportunity opens for them. You could say our future is formed from this window of opportunity.

Our emotional intelligence, determines how we understand others and how we relate to them, so much so, that eighty percent of a persons career stems from this initial understanding. How an infant is nurtured will shape such emotions as, empathy, happiness, hopefulness, and sadness.

In fact our whole moral being stems from this emotional intelligence. This intelligence doesn’t just stop after adolescence, it continues to develop throughout our entire lives. But the core of these experiences start at the window of opportunity, when we are an infant.

Here are nine techniques for enhancing your baby’s emotional skills:

  1. Furnish your baby with a secure and orderly environment.
  2. Just smile, a lot.
  3. Let your baby know that you understand how it feels.
  4. Demonstrate empathy when your baby is upset.
  5. Connect with your baby, mimic his sounds to communicate.
  6. If you say No! then explain why you’re saying No!
  7. Encourage your baby to participate in family activities.
  8. Express delight with your baby’s good behavior.
  9. If your baby’s actions effects others, help your baby to understand why.

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My wife and i have adopted three children, one, a three month old baby and the other two aged one and two over a twenty two year period. In that time we have applied the all the techniques concerning baby intelligence to outstanding effect.

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