Baby Shower Games

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Deciding what shower games to have guests play at your party is always difficult. Should it be baby shower Bingo, guess what’s in the diaper, or matching babies to mother animals or celebrity parents? Below are some links to finding good games that you can either buy or print on your computer for free.

What do you give as prizes? You can make things like soaps, bath salts or fizzies, candies or treats. Or you can buy special gifts. Whatever your budget allows. Remember to wrap them attractively to make them even more special. Or, if you have really creative baby shower decorations, flowers or plants, give those as game gifts.

When you print your cards you may want to use some card stock instead of regular paper to make them more sturdy for your guests. Also, if you aren’t using tables at your shower, I like to give each guest a clipboard for easier writing. Have plenty of cards on hand and remember to have a prize for each game’s winner.

There a few DIY baby shower games you may not be as aware of, such as: The Price is Right, Baby Shower Pictionary, Baby Shower Charades, Baby ABC’s, and Backyard Bowling. You can probably even think of a few on your own.

The Price is Right is a great game, perfect for baby showers. As hostess you purchase a number of items that mom will need in the nursery – Desitin, diapers, Vaseline, Q-Tips, Baby Powder, Shampoo, Lotion, etc. Keep your receipt so you will know who wins the game. Make game sheets or just keep track of who guesses which price. The guest that makes the most right or closest guesses wins. But so does mom because she gets all the baby items!

Baby Shower Pictionary or Charades are cool games that almost everyone will enjoy. Divide your guests into 2 teams. For pictionary have an easel and large sketch pad for your game board. Make sure your sketch pad is large enough for everyone to see. Then let the each team pick one person to do the drawing or acting out while rest guess. The moderator shows only the person drawing or acting out the clue (which are all baby related items), etc. — most people know how the game is played. The team with the most points wins. The trick to this game is to have enough prizes for each team member.

You can use words like: bottle, diaper, bib, pacifier, diaper pins, t-shirts, blankets, baby powder, rattle, rubber ducky, piggy bank, sippy cup, walker, bassinet, crib, changing table, high chair, ABC blocks, dolls, teddy bears, balls, onesies, playpen, formula, baby book, humidifier, swing, dimples, breast pump, nursing pads, hospital gown, crib mobile, burp cloths, teething ring, thermometer, nasal syringe, stretch marks, etc. You can print out our list if you wish.

For charades you can also use tasks related to caring for baby: changing a diaper, feeding, rocking, putting baby to bed, take a temperature, walking baby to quiet him/her, etc.

Baby ABC’s is a very simple game that requires a game card that lists the alphabet – A thru Z. Each player lists a baby item only once for each letter. The player with the most right answers wins. Make your own game card, or print ours.

Backyard Bowling is a great fun game for any backyard baby shower. You use empty 2 liter bottles and either put colored water in them for daytime play or put glow sticks in them for a night time game. The bottles are then the pins. Use an appropriately sized ball as the bowling ball. Define your gutters and you are all set! This could also be played inside with the 2 liter bottles or use baby bottles for pins. Make your own score cards or print ours.

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