Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby ShowerTrying to select just the right present for new parents can be a daunting chore. This is the fundamental reason most friends and family hold a baby shower for the new mother. There are quite a few ways available for the new parents to get the presents they need. One is a gift registry at a retail baby store or online baby websites. The other is for the baby shower hostess to volunteer to keep track of which shower guest is bringing which present.

The principal problem can be to choose which of the presents most desired by the new parents that you can provide. One way to get more expensive or better quality presents is to have several people or couples “chip in” together and get one main present. This is a really helpful way for parents without previous children to get some of the larger chief nursery items like cribs, dressers, changing tables, etc.

If the new parents already have their nursery setup, then the task of choosing your present is a bit easier, but can be just as hard for those new to the baby shower game.

  • Diapers are one of the most popular presents for new parents. After all, who wants to run out of diapers at 2 am? No one, of course. One way to achieve this type of functionality is to purchase a diaper cake. A diaper cake is essentially made from diapers – either disposable or organic – with small versions of baby products, toys and clothing items used as decorations. All these “ingredients” are crafted into a beautiful present that very much looks like an actual cake. It is one way to stock the nursery and still give a beautiful present at the same time.
  • Baby Gift Baskets are another affordable way to give multiple presents and help the new parents to stock up on baby supplies, wipes, diapers, keepsakes and clothing items. Now a days there are many matching diaper cake and gift baskets themes so that you can give the presents to match either the decorations chosen for the baby shower or the room decor of the nursery.
  • Personalized baby items, such as blankets or bodysuits, also make suitable presents – if you know the name of the new baby-to-be. When baby outgrows the present, it will then become a meaningful keepsake for mom to pass down through the family.
  • Every baby needs a much loved stuffed animal to go to sleep with. There are so many to select from and almost all of them are hypo-allergenic. You can’t go wrong with an sweet stuffed teddy bear or other stuffed animal. It will provide years of pleasure for the new baby.
  • Baby clothes are also a great present. Be aware of the time of year the baby is expected in. Remember in the summer when it is so very hot, most babies are only wearing bodysuits, diapers and hats. So don’t go overboard on the expensive dresses and playsuits. If the baby is expected in the winter months, then a little more attention to clothing is all right, but again as babies grow so fast don’t go overboard on clothing that she/he will probably only get to wear once or twice.
  • Keepsakes make suitable presents. Special rattles, clever nightlights, brush, mirror and comb sets, music boxes, picture frames, all are special little presents for the new baby. If they can be personalized with the new baby’s name, all the better.
  • Crib toys are another suitable present idea. Babies love stuff that moves and make sounds. For the crib the sounds should be soothing and less strident than non-crib type toys. No one wants baby awakened during night by accidentally bumping or rolling over on a noisy toy. Mobiles are suitable too. In the baby’s early years the basic colors are best – blue, red and yellow. Just select a theme to tie in with the nursery decor and you will be a hit.

Any of these present ideas will make your gift very special indeed. Remember, if you want to give a larger gift basket or collaborate on nursery furniture or larger items; be sure to let the baby shower hostess know. That way she can let others who wish to combine forces know who to call.

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