Baby Shower Ideas: Start with a Basic Black and White Party Theme

Starting with a basic color scheme of black and white can open up your decorations to a multitude of color options and theme possibilities! Black and white is a glamorous color scheme all by it self, and I really enjoy a total black and white party. However, when you bring the party food into the equation, you can lose your colors quickly if you haven’t planned ahead.

Aside from being totally rad, a black and white party can be relatively inexpensive to create just from things around the house. Most everyone has a black or white tablecloth, napkins, dishes, etc. If not inexpensive items can be purchased at the dollar store, including paper plates and tableware. Best part about this is… NO dishes!! While you are at the dollar store, check out the aisle with apothecary and glass jars. A few of those filled with black and/or white marbles or stones topped with fresh white flowers (daises are super cool) and/or black and white candles would make great table centerpieces. Top off a great black and white table with black and white balloons, lanterns, and/or streamers. As an added touch you can hang black, white, or black and white umbrellas with crystals dangling from them. Whether your choose solid colors, polka dots, stripes, or swirls your party will look great!

When it comes to the food it becomes a little more tricky. However, blue food coloring mixed with chocolate icing will turn black. You can make your own coloring from mixing equal parts of blue, red, and yellow. Just continue mixing the colors – adding a little more of each – until your icing turns black. Or, you can simply purchase black food coloring, which is usually available around Halloween – this will depend on your local stores and what they stock.

Now, by adding in a third color you open yourself up to more possibilities… Add yellow and you can incorporate bees, honey, ducks, etc. Add pink and you can go with cotton candy, flowers, girls’ themes, etc. Add blue and you can go with nautical, water, mermaids, boys’ themes, etc. Add red and you go with carnations or roses, ladybugs, Minnie Mouse, etc.

Below are some examples of all of these ideas. Use them as inspiration for your own imaginative ideas. Remember there is no wrong way to decorate or hold a baby shower. If your guests have fun and enjoy themselves you party will be a huge success.

Black Table Black Party Ideas
Black & White Table with Balloons Black & White Table setting
Black Party Ideas Black Party Ideas Black Party Ideas
Black, White & Gray Cake Black & White Cupcakes

Black & White Cake

Black White Candles Umbrella Party Ideas Black Party Ideas

Black & White Candles

Black & White Umbrellas Black Bowl & White Flower Centerpiece

Black Candy Bar

Black Candy Bar

Black Candy Bar

Black, White & Red Candy

Black, White & Yellow Candy Bar

Black & Orange Candy Bar

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