Baby Shower Ideas: The Pastel Baby Shower Party Ideas

April is generally the time for Easter. And Easter is the time of rebirth and renewal as spring starts to creep into the coldness of winter. (And has it been cold this year!) Our baby shower inspiration for this article is all the beautiful pastels and bold colors that are seen everywhere around Easter. With the pastels, come baby bunnies, lambs, chicks, ducks, and more! You can combine several themes with your color selection of pastels: animals, flowers, storybooks, as well as tea and/or garden parties. Or, in keeping with the nature of Easter (rebirth and renewal), go with a spa party! Once again your choices are only limited by your own imagination.

I, personally, love the idea of a kaleidoscope of color in either beautiful muted pastels or the darker jewel-like rainbow colors. In my research lately, I have been finding that many pastel baby showers are using a combination of themes. Below are some examples of both pastels and rainbow colors. To view the tutorials, click on the photo, then click on the photo again to go the tutorial website.

Gingham is a great decoration idea
for a spring and summer baby shower
Easy Egg Tree Decoration
Tutorial Available (Click Photo)

Tea Table

Use upside-down umbrellas edged
with flowers as a party decoration

Pastel Table Setting

Here are some great activities you can incorporate into your baby shower. All of them will benefit the new parents in one way or another. Mom will love any or all results from any of these ideas.

Line your walkway with balloons. Secure them in the ground with golf tees.

A Coupon Board. Guests give mom a gift of their time for chores, dishes, cooking, babysitting, endless possibilities.

Sign up sheet to bring the new parents meals for the first few weeks after baby is born.

Now for some interesting new twists on some favorite baby shower foods… One thing is for sure, you guests will not be expecting these! It is amazing what you can do with a little Jello, eggs, and food coloring!

Rainbow Jello Eggs
Tutorial available
(click photo)

Easy Fruity Rainbow Shaved Ice
Googly-Eyed Hard Boiled Eggs
Tutorial available
(Click photo)

And, last but never least, some great craft ideas to make for your gift or as game prizes. And, they can double as decorations during the shower. Doing things yourself can be a real cost-saver when planning any event, especially a baby shower.

Take blank wood letters, paint and
decorate them to match your decor.

Shadowbox Ideas

Give mom an album of baby shower photos
from her special day with friends.

If you are holding a baby shower during April, I hope your party is as fantastic as you can make it. Remember to save time for you to enjoy the event along with the new mom. Take lots and lots of pictures, and give her memories of her special day in a photo album as your gift.

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