Baby Shower Ideas: Add Personality to Your Baby Shower Presentation

Baby Shower Ideas

There are many ladies (and men) nowadays who are extremely gifted in making everything they do a success. And planning a baby shower would be no different. It is the exact occasion to demonstrate to the new mother (or parents) how much they mean to you.

For a creative individual handling baby shower decorations can be a snap. Going to any online store that has diaper cakes or baby gift baskets can give you a ton of thoughts for decorating, as well as a few unbelievable centerpiece displays.

Before settling on decorations, you need to come up a idea for the baby shower. There many ideas are available, such as: themes for girls, themes for boys, themes for when you don’t know the gender, themes for the new mom, themes for both parents, teddy bear themes, as well as many other traditional and unique decorating ideas. Once you have decided on the idea, use it for not only the decorations, but the invitations, the games, etc.

Diaper cakes are a logical choice for a beautiful, yet functional centerpiece. They are chiefly made from rolled up disposable, cloth or organic diapers and then tied in layers with trimmings. Then instead of frosting, you use baby blankets or baby bath towels to cover the diapers. And, top the whole thing off with plenty of most needed baby products, toy and stuffed animals, and plenty of ribbons and trimmings. What could make a better decoration or gift! If you feel that making the actual diaper part of the cake is too complex, then buy a ready-made 3 or 4 tier diaper cake base. These are actually very sensibly priced and will decrease your work by half.

Baby Gift Baskets are also a heartfelt gift for the expecting parents. Instead of placing your “ingredients” on a cake they are beautifully arranged into a basket, bucket, or other such container. These are especially nice if you set up a long table and need more than one centerpiece. Or, they make a whimsical addition to any diaper cake and you can put one on each side of the diaper cake for a truly special display.

Make your own banners. Most everyone has or has access to some type of computer graphics program. Once you have your artwork finalized take it to a copy shop and have them put onto a banner size of your choice. Accent your banners with balloons and streamers which are in general accessible at any party store or website.

If you are having an all ladies’ party, then plan your games with a few crafts included. Everyone likes to take something home as a keepsake, so include at least one or two craft type project with your games. You can make candles, soaps or even 3D decorations for the baby’s nursery, such as wall artworks or photo frames, etc.

Many hostesses now are planning showers for both the new mother and father. If that is the case, then gear your games to include ones that will keep the guys involved. The same goes if you are including kids. Keep in mind to have prizes for all the winners.

If the new baby’s father, older brother(s) and/or sister(s) will be in attendance, it would be very kind to give them each a personal gift just for themselves. It will make them feel a part of the merriment and make the new mother very appreciative for your forethought. There are now a lot of very smart gift ideas for new dads and siblings, as more and more the complete family is being invited to the baby shower.

Whether you are crafty or not, planning for a new baby’s shower can be a totally pleasurable process. Don’t by shy, let the “inner you” come out and astonish everyone!

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