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Luau Invitation

There are tons of different kinds of baby shower invitations available online, in stores, well… pretty much everywhere!  But what should you have on your invitation so your guests will know what is expected of them?  Let’s break down each part of a baby shower invitation and see…

Our example invitation invites you to a luau.  Does it include all the necessary information for you to know if you would like to attend this party?

  1. Thumbs UpWho is the party for?   Pretty important item.  That’s right the name of the mommy-to-be should be very prominent on the invitation.  On this  invitation the name is a little small, but is in very different font from the rest of the invite, so it does stand out.
  2. Thumbs DownBaby shower theme?  Again good to know, especially if you are dressing to fit the theme.  The invitation on the left promises an Hawaiian Luau.   It is good to set the theme of the shower on invitations.   But does the theme imply the dress code?
  3. Thumbs UpWhere will the baby shower be held?   Absolutely.   Gotta know where to party, right?
  4. Iffy one for meTime of the baby shower?   Yepper.  Also good to know.  As this shower is scheduled for 12:30 pm, I would assume it is a luncheon baby shower.  Would I be right?
  5. Thumbs UpWhen to RSVP by?  Again a must have.  Be sure to include phone, and I also like include my email.  I read email more than I answer my phone, but this should reflect your habits.
  6. Thumbs UpGift Registry?   I love that the invitation includes where the new mom is registered for gifts.  Very helpful information for any prospective guest.

What is not included on the invitation that you might find more helpful?

  1. As this baby shower is be held at a local winery, it would be good to know what the dress code for the event is.   Sounds like a great theme for palm trees, tropical drinks, grass skits, straw hats, shorts and Hawaiian shirts.  But is that style of dress suitable for this venue?  I have been to some pretty swanky wineries.  I imagine the locals would know without asking, but I like to be sure my guests are comfortable in knowing ahead of time what attire will be considered acceptable.
  2. Now about the time – 12:30 pm…  I would suggest adding a short phrase such as:  “Luncheon will be served,” or “Appetizers and Drinks available.”  Something like that to let people know if they need to eat lunch beforehand.  It’s just a simply courtesy, as far as my tummy is concerned.

If mom is not registered at any stores or online shops, then the hostess should provide some type of gift registry either when someone RSVP’s, or she can call or ask each guest to call with what type of gift they plan to bring.  If mom is already getting enough of a certain type of gift, then as hostess, you can politely suggest that the guest might want to consider another gift.  Usually most guests are happy to follow this suggestion; but some are not.  So make such suggestions carefully.  Again, this why I say put it on the invitation, so everyone knows to consult with you before they purchase their gift.

I love email cards.  I don’t carry a cell phone, and rarely have time answer my home phone; I am always at the computer so for me emailing is great!.  There is a wide variety of email cards for all occasions.  I especially like  They have fantastic cards from talking, to animated, to just plain simple that you can customize with your text.   Best of all – no postage!

I think you get the idea.  It can be hard to find that perfect invitation that lists everything you want on your invitation.  So if you just can’t find “the one” for you, why not make your own?

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