Baby Shower Menu – How To Plan A Great Menu

By Lise Rina

Throwing a party for an expected mother takes a lot of planning and some careful thought. The highlight of the day will be the baby shower menu, which should consist of plenty of good foods and a few special dishes. By considering everyone’s tastes and dietary needs your party will be a great success. There will be many other things to consider before the day of the party such as who to invite and what games to play, but neither of those things are as important as the perfect baby shower menu.

Having a party means lots of planning and plenty of preparation. The most memorable part is always the food so you will want to have a great menu.

The best way to plan a great menu will be to consider all of your options thoroughly. Think about the food that you want to serve, what type of specialized dietary needs that anyone has, and what everyone likes to eat. There are many foods that you can fix that will please everyone.

The Perfect Menu

The menu is the basis of the entire party and you want to make it spectacular. Remember to allow for some fun and try to have something for everybody.

Do remember to find out what everyone likes and plan something for both vegetarians and others who have special eating needs. It is also important to find out if anyone has specific food allergies. Someone with an allergic reaction could cause a lot of problems during your party. There are many options to choose from for your party menu.

For the appetizer: You need to choose wisely with this one since it is the first thing that your guests will be eating. There are many lovely options that you can serve like cream cheese filled tortilla roll ups that are great cut up into small pinwheels, dip and cut up vegetables, spinach dip with either tortilla chips or pitas, and of course an all time favorite of most people like chips and salsa. Don’t forget to get mild for the mommy to be so you don’t send her home with heartburn and indigestion.

How about some punch: Although you can easily serve some coffee, tea, or soda at the shower, the main drink will likely be the punch. White grape punch is a good choice as is a delicious sherbet punch with pineapple juice and any sherbet you choose.

If you know which sex the baby is then you may want to color code the punch to fit in with that theme. Pink lemonade or berry blue drink both are wonderful options.

Salad: The best main dish for a baby shower is some type of salad. Chinese chicken salad is always a hit and it offers a great variety of options. Another great option is a chicken salad with apples and grapes in it. Either one will be a great addition to any shower.

Cake: No celebration would be complete without an amazing cake. There are many different options at most bakeries and some of them will even customize one for you.

Throwing a great party is easy when you plan ahead, and with the perfect baby shower menu yours is sure to be a success.

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