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Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

Another of summer’s all time great party ideas is having a Mexican Fiesta! A Fiesta is a perfect opportunity to indulge your fantasies with outrageous color combinations, wild decorations, and best of all… a reason to dust off those Mexican recipes you’ve been holding on to! Can you tell, I am really all about the food?

A Fiesta is all about color, food, and DIY decorations. If you feel overwhelmed by making your own party decorations, hold a pre-shower party to make the decorations! Hey, 2 parties instead of one! What could be better? You can make your own paper flowers, wreaths, garlands, lanterns, and yes… even your own piñata! The new mom will be the one overwhelmed with appreciation for all the hard work you accomplished for her special day – making it all the more special. Remember to take photos of your pre-party and add them to mom’s scrapbook of baby shower photos.

Let us help get you started… Below you will find some great photo ideas, some delicious recipes, fiesta party games, and some links to where you can find Fiesta themed party supplies. We have devised two menus for you to download, as well as provided more recipes, tips, and ideas on our Mexican Fiesta Theme page. And, we have gone out and found you some great game ideas so you can do more than Pin The Tail on the Donkey (although it is still an all-time favorite party game!).

Fiesta Party Supplies

(These are included with our 8 Mexican Fiesta Party Games download.)
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Mexican Fiesta Menus & Crafts

Mexican Party Menu #1

Mexican Party Menu #1

Chip & Dip Station
Baked Mexican Pinwheels
Cheesy Mexican Pull-apart Bread
Mexican Corn Salad
Mini Chile Relleno Casseroles
Spiced Mexican Wedding Cookies
Traditional Mexican Flan
Chilled Mexican Coffee Recipe

Size: 527.94 KB
44 times

Mexican Party Menu #2

Mexican Party Menu #2

Mini Taco Bar
Mexican Street Corn
Make-Ahead Mexican Salad
Rotel Chicken Mexican Casserole
Mexican Wedding Cookies
Sopapilla Cheesecake
Agua de Melon Mexican Cantaloupe Water

Size: 263.34 KB
47 times

Fringed Fiesta Napkin Rings

Size: 163.43 KB
27 times

Cactus Table Decorations

Size: 80.94 KB
22 times

Mexican Fiesta Food Tutorials

Pinata Cake
Pinata Cookies Lime & Macadamia Pinata cake Marshmallow Sombreros & Serapes

Mexican Fiesta Tablescape Ideas

Fiesta Table
Fiesta Table Fiesta Table

For some great downloadable recipes and crafts visit our Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas Page.

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