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Baby Shower Themes

For those of you searching for baby shower ideas to fit into a specific theme, we are going to start listing all our finds here, based on the baby shower theme. You will always find some photos for inspiration, decorating and food ideas, as well as craft and recipe downloads. Many of these theme can be interconnected into any baby shower you are planning. For example: a Alice in Wonderland baby shower theme works perfectly with a tea party or garden theme, or a Rainbow theme works equally well with St. Patrick’s Day or Wizard of Oz themes. We will always be updating these pages, so be sure to check back often. Be sure to check out our posts about these baby shower themes as well.

Happy hunting!

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Baby Shower Themes

Adoption Asian Backyard BBQs
Beach Cookie
Ballerinas Beach Party Brunch / Luncheons
Bun in the Oven Busy Bumble Bees Butterflies
Circus Cake
Candyland Carnival / Circus Chalkboard Inspired
Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate Comics Cute as a Button
Burger Dr. Seuss Party Ideas
Daddy Dos
The Male Baby Shower
Dr. Seuss Dragons
Elegant Fantasy
(Fairies, Pixies, Sprites, & Gnomes)
French Bebe
Garden Cookies
Garden Party Gender Reveal German Oktoberfest
GhostbustersSM Harry Potter
Ghostbusters! Greek Harry Potter
Luau DIY Hot Air Balloons
Hawaiian Luaus Hot Air Balloons Ice Cream Social
Book Cake Little Italy
Ladybugs Library Books Little Italy
Monster Cupcakes
Mexican Fiesta Monster Madness Moon & Stars
Nautical / Boats NO-Theme Noah’s Ark
Nursery Rhymes Space Pops
Nursery Rhymes Onesie Party Outer Space
Pea Pod Cupcake Pirates Pink Polka Dot Triangle Bannier
Peas in a Pod Pirates Polka Dots
Royal Rainbow Frosted Cupcakes

Caramel Popcorn

Princess & Royal Rainbow Party Ready to POP!
Shabby Chic Party Ideas
Retro Sesame Street Shabby Chic
Spa Party Cookies
Southwest Spa Party Strawberries
Sunflower Party Ideas Tea Party
Sunflowers Tea Party Tie Dye
Tiffany Party Ideas
Tiffany Blue Transportation & Travel Tuscan Vineyard
Twins Umbrellas Under Construction
Unicorns Under the Sea Watermelon
Wild West / Cowboys Wizard of Oz You Are My Sunshine

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