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Raising Babies & More

Disclaimer:  This information is provided for informational purposes.  What information you chose to use is up to you.  Seeking doctor’s advice where required is always and highly recommended.  Please read our full Disclaimer.


Santa FootprintsPrintablesToy Collection Framed
Santa’s Footprints – Use a pair of shoes and outline them using powdered sugar.  Add a little glitter if you want them sparkly.Click photo to printKeep special toys they’ve outgrown. Rather than purging them, keep them in a shadow box.
Edible Glow WaterBalloon Game
Edible Glow Water Recipe (click photo)

Balloon Game (click photo)

Take a wood picture frame and glue on all the unused toys (or ones you purchase for this project) and then paint to match your room.
Capture the Magic
Capture the Magic – photos of your child and the Tooth Fairy or Santa.  Click on photo for link.Make a maze for your kids out of cardboard boxes.Set up a kiddie corner where they can draw on a chalkboard, display their artworks, and a kid-size table and chairs.
How to Clean Up
Vomit…1. clean up excess off the affected area. 2. make a paste of BAKING SODA and Water; 3. Let it dry overnight or until it becomes a powdery consistency again;
4. Take a spatula or spoon and generously spread it onto the affected area. It is almost like frosting a cake, except way less appetizing; 5. Vacuum it up!; 6. Repeat if necessary

GLOWING Witches Brew Halloween Activity

Cleaning Carrier - great for car Trips
Make a wall magnet board for baby to use all those magnetic letters.Use a cleaning caddy as a road trip organizer to keep the back seat cleaner.Too rainy or cold to go outside?  Use your kiddie pool indoors as a ball pit.
Frozen Pacifier
Use a Barrette to tighten loose fitting tops.Put baby and toys inside a laundry hamper to keep the toys closer to baby and to keep baby safer.Freeze a pacifier in an ice cube tray filled with juice, formula, milk to soothe baby when teething.
Medicine Dropper through PacifierCellphoneCure Baby's Cough
Cut a hole in the tip of a pacifier and stick a dropper through it to administer medicine.Let baby use those old cellphones as camerasTo stop night coughs, put Vicks on baby’s feet and then cover with socks.
Baby Shoe Shopping GuideTooth Fairy MoneyJuice Box
Draw an outline of baby’s feet so you don’t have to take him shoe shopping with you.Keep the dream alive! Use a little glue and glitter when the tooth fairy visits.Teacher toddlers to pick up juice boxes by the flaps to prevent squirting.
Monster SprayPool Noodle Door StopperBaby Bath Hat
If your child suffers from “monsters” create a monster spray and chase away all the fears.Cut a piece of a pool noodle and wrap it around the door as a stopperOkay, he may not look happy, but a shower hat is better than soap in the eye! And it is under $2 on Amazon.com!
Magic Elf SeedsBackyard Chalkboard WallCongestion Relief
Magic Elf Seeds-use tic-tac’s and sugar. The kids plant the ‘seeds’ before they go to bed and then when they wake up, they are candy canes! So cute for Christmas eve!Make a chalkboard in the backyard for the kids to use, saving your sidewalks and driveways from constant washing.Congestion relief for babies Super cheap and super easy 1 tbsp of Vicks, 1tbsp Luke warm water.  Put your scentsy warmer on and put it in their room and watch the magic happen.

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