Ballerina Tutu Party Baby Shower Ideas

Ballerina Tutu Party Baby Shower Ideas

Tutus, Tutus, and even more Tutus! Oh, what the heck… Put a tutu on everything!
But does it all have to be pink? Why not purple!

  • Tutu Cute
  • Tutus & Tiaras
  • Hippos & Tutus
  • Moos & Tutus
  • Dance with Me
  • Angelina Ballerina
  • Dance & Twirl
  • Princess Ballerina


BalletIdeas038 BalletIdea023 BalletIdea024
Balloon base with a glittered ballerina silhouette with a tulle tutu. Lovely idea for the nursery! Ballerina silhouettes with ribbons and tutus. Very pretty! Give your tutus some bling! Sparkles, glitter and fun embellishments.
BalletIdeas036 BalletIdeas032 BalletIdeas031
Moos & Tutus garland Party Hat embellished with a tutu and fringed crepe paper Matching banner – very cute!
BalletIdeas029 BalletIdeas033 BalletIdeas034
A chair worthy of the new mom. Another chair idea. Tulle pom poms on spoons.
BalletIdeas027 BalletIdeas037 BalletIdeas028
Ballerina silhouette with a tissue paper tutu. Pink Lanterns with white crepe paper Gold Ribbon and pink tulle on pillar candles.
BalletIdeas035 BalletIdeas026 BalletIdeas025
Tutu form on a stick on a base decorated with feathers and ribbons. Pink painted jars decorated with pearls and tutus. Vases embellished with lace and pearls.
BalletGlass Ballerina-Baby-Shower-jar BalletIdeas030
Decorate your glasses with painted ballerina silhouettes and tutus! Tutus on candy apothecary jars Bowls of faux pearls.
Ballerina Party Ideas Ballerina Party Ideas Ballerina Party Ideas
Make a feather boa topiary – ball up a feather boa and insert in a vase. Let the top poof out into a ball. Dress your flower vases or arrangements with tutus. And, see… purple does work just as well as pink! Don’t just add a tutu to your dress form, add some ribbons and rosebuds (or other flowers) as well.
Ballerina Party Ideas Ballerina Party Ideas Ballerina Party Ideas
Get small ballerinas (or use cutouts) and hang them from a branch secured in a vase. Add a few flowers as extra decorations. Give your table(s) and underskirt of tulle. Raise the tablecloth at the corners and secure with a fancy pin. Add a thin ribbon to droop over to the next corner and repeat securing the tablecloth. Mix up fabric banners with tulle and paper pom poms, balloons and paper lanterns.
Ballerina Party Ideas Ballerina Party Ideas Ballerina Party Ideas
Wrap tulle around letters. Perfect for decorating or gifting for the nursery. Make banners from lengths of tulle in various colors. Wrap tulle around candles.
Ballerina Tulle Backdrop Tulle Balloons Ballerina Party Ideas
Use clips to make streamers of tulle into a diamond back drop for tables or photos. Would look really pretty with lights behind the white tulle. Cover balloons with tulle Make a pastel marshmallow topiary from a foam ball. Insert a dowel rod and secure in the vase with candies. Add ribbon for accent.
Ballerina Party Ideas Ballerina Party Ideas Ballerina Party Ideas
Make tutu chair back covers to dress up your tables. Make a cute basket for silverware, cards or gifts with a tutu, bows, and ribbons Use cupcake wrappers to make tutus for for your plasticware.

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