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Barbecue (BBQ) Baby Shower Party Ideas


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Marshmallow Shooters

The construction is simple and straightforward. No directions here, but you can get the gist of it by looking at the picture. It’s all made from 1/2 inch PVC pipe and connectors, with a quick blast of spray paint to pretty it up (and make sure everyone can keep track of which gun is theirs or do team colors)! They’re just as simple to use too! Just load a mini marshmallow into the mouthpiece…and give it a quick puff of air! Shoot at targets or each other. Set your own rules. (Found at

Camera Hot Potato

Instead of just taking awkward photos of everyone as they’re stuffing their faces with BBQ, put your digital camera to use in a 21st-century version of musical chairs. This game is hilarious and lets you capture memories while you’re creating them. The only thing you need is a digital camera with a self-timer and a flash.

Are you ready? Everyone sits in a circle, the person with the camera sets the self-timer and makes sure the auto-flash mode is engaged, points the camera at him or herself (at arm’s length) for a moment and then passes the camera. Pass the camera until the camera takes a picture. The person left holding the camera when it fires must perform some predetermined act. For example, they must do a handstand or tell a funny joke.

Some good advice when you play this game. First, DON’T use a brand-new camera, because there’s a good chance someone will become overexcited and drop it or get BBQ sauce all over it. And second, consider using the video mode, too. You can start recording a video clip and set a kitchen timer. The clips will be blurry and jerky, but the laughter and glimpses of your loved ones is totally worth it.

After or during the party, the camera’s owner can upload the images to a photo-sharing site for everyone to enjoy. You can also provide a photo album to the new parents as a way for them to remember the wonderful way they were honored at the party. (Found at

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