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Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter Baby Shower Party Ideas


Use a galvanized or wood bucket to hold fresh or faux vegetables. Surround it with plates of fresh cut veggies ready for dipping, as well as small slices of bread. Add plenty of dips and spreads.
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Donut holes decorated with chocolate sprinkles to make “acorns”. A simple veggie tray served with different kinds of hummus or Ranch dip. Use your favorite carrot cake or muffin recipe, add icing, and top with a paper cutout topper.
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Cake pops turned into “radishes”. Little clay pots for individual veggie servings. Circus peanuts cut in 3rds or 4ths to make a carrot shape. Then add a piece of green licorice and made tiny little slices. Use a tooth pick to make a hole in the top of the ‘carrots’ and stick the licorice in as the carrot stem.
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Carrot Sticks – Chocolate dipped pretzels. Mini Pie Pops stuck in a craft store haybale. Green pixie sticks made “grass” in glass container.
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Chocolate covered strawberry “carrots”. Carrot sticks in cups with Ranch dressing or dip. “Lettuce” cake balls
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Mini pies placed on attractive stands. Chocolate dipped Oreos with icing veggie decorations Large marshmallows – Bunny Tails
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Jeremy Fisher’s Splash – just make your favorite party punch Squirrel Nutkins Cheese Plate (any kind you like) and Flopsy’s Lemon Drops (lemon tarts) Mrs. McGregor’s Roses – cookies decorated with icing roses.

Make a garden of carrots in a bed of hummus…

  • a clay pot (the 6″ pot will fit most hummus containers perfectly)
  • a clay saucer
  • a bag of baby carrots
  • hummus
  • parsley
  • a skewer (to make the holes)

Just cut the parsley into small sprigs, poke a hole in the end of each carrot with the skewer, and carefully push the parsley in. You can also do individual gardens with the tiny clay pots and a 3 oz cup of hummus inside.

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