Best Baby Shower Barbeque

BBQWant to involve all your friends, their husbands and their families? Turn your Baby Shower into a Backyard Barbecue and you can have oodles of fun! Whether you have the event catered, make it Pot Luck, or do the cooking yourself, a Backyard Barbecue can make your next baby shower event spectacular!

If the men are invited, then keep the invitations more masculine and less frilly. The men can oversee the barbecue, make hamburgers and hot dogs, while they gossip about football and sports scores. Let the new dad help open the gifts and watch him melt at the baby’s gifts. And, if you decide to have a few games, remember to keep them guy-friendly. And,…well, you might want to include a gift just for the new dad too.

When inviting the whole family, plan a few games or activities to keep the kids occupied and out mischief. Games of Tag, Pillowcase Races, or a backyard Scavenger Hunt will all be great choices for devoting some time to cheering on the kidos and making them part of the festivities. Just remember to have gifts for everyone – not just the winners!

Whether you have a simply barbecue or use one of the many themes available for baby showers, just remember – Have a GREAT time!

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