Secret Life Of Babies

Author: Yana Mikheeva A miracle has happened. A baby was born. Your first, although very short, acquaintance has happened. Let’s try to learn what happens with babies after they are present solemnly to mothers. The first thing a new-born baby needs is warmth. In comparison with maternal comfortable warmth, outward things of a labor ward … Read more

Honing Your Parenting Skills And Teaching Manners

Author: Alison Palmer Parenting skills go beyond teaching your child to say, “Please” and “Thank you”. Teaching a child what behavior is expected is a daily process, and you will have many opportunities each day to steer your child in the right direction. One key point to remember is to teach, not reprimand. It is … Read more

Father and Baby

Author: Yana Mikheeva Women are greatly interested in the nature of paternal feelings to a baby. Do they appear by themselves or with the time being? What’s the difference between maternal and paternal feelings? How can a woman influence father’s attention to a baby? May be lack of such attention lies in man’s uncertainty in … Read more

10 Parenting Tips For All New Parents

Author: Alison Palmer If you are like most parents, you probably want to raise healthy, smart kids. You may already have some ideas on how to achieve this. Here are some parenting tips that will help parents ensure their children develop to their full potential. One of the parenting tips that work best is giving … Read more

Natural Baby Latching

by: Natural Mumma When I was pregnant, I remember my friends moaning about how hard nursing was and proudly thinking, “They probably only had problems because they didn’t have much experience. I am sure I won’t have any problems though!” HA! Upon leaving the hospital I was coddling cracked and very sore nipples. I didn’t … Read more

Understanding and Coping with Your Crying Baby

by: Matthew Efseaff The desperate cry for help from a newborn baby is one of the most disturbing sounds for most people. Despite how much we want to help them, unfortunately, it’s hard to know what they are asking for. With time, parents will learn how to interpret the cries of their newborn and will … Read more

Stretch Marks – When Your Skin Is Stre-e-e-tched To The Limit

by: Li Jin Some people call them ‘railway tracks’, ‘spider webs’ or broken skin. Half of all women who have had a baby will experience stretch marks at their abdomen, thighs or underarms. Sometimes it goes away by itself, sometimes they never quite go away. Stretch marks not only happen to pregnant women but also … Read more

The Color Clinic

by: Li Jin Color is an intriguing thing. It’s all around us, making our world a more exciting and interesting place to be in compared to the inhabitants of other planets who have to contend with just black, white or varying shades of grey and brown. More intriguing is the fact that color only exists … Read more

Things You Must Know About A Growing Baby

by: Greg Deems Certainly one of any brand new parents most significant worries is if their baby is growing enough and at the proper rate. You know it is necessary for baby to gain weight, so what if not gaining weight? What if he loses weight? Well here some things to keep in mind. Did … Read more

Infant Massage – Health Benefits and Techniques

by: Debbie Jones William Traditional medicine in ancient India also known as ayurvedic medicine introduces the use of infant massage. Since then, it became popular in many cultures such as Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Like a typical massage, babies may enjoy the same healthful benefits such as healthy circulatory system, releasing emotional stress … Read more

Gifts And Delights For A Baby Shower

by: Elizabeth Ellis There is no other way to welcome the baby and celebrate the parents by throwing fun baby showers. For those who would like to do the honor of holding one for somebody close, I suggest that you carefully plan it so that you won’t miss out on any important things that you … Read more

Helping Baby To Understand In The First Twelve Months

by: M Brenton Wachowiak The amount an infant learns the first twelve months is amazing. You do not need a lot of time or money to help boost your child’s brain power. You can use every day moments to help your child increase his brain power. You don’t them to boost your baby’s brain power, … Read more