Baby Shower Ideas: Book Baby Shower Theme

What better gift to give both Mom and the new baby then the gift of reading. A book themed baby shower does just that. Allow baby’s imagination to soar at an early age and instill a love of books.

I personally love books, my husband will not let me and a credit card within 50 feet of a book store. Therefore, I am going to go into a little more detail than I normally would about this theme.

Starting with invitations…

Ask guests to bring a children’s book instead of a card. Provide book plate stickers that can be filled out and placed inside each book – 2 or 3 per invitation? Not only will baby know who gave him his treasure, but he will be able to read why this special book was given to him.

To prevent duplications, you can request that everyone check with you regarding the book(s) they plan to bring. However, if you do get duplicates, they can always be donated to the local library or a friend’s child.

Link to a free bookplate template: Free Bookplate Template.

Great gift and presentation ideas…

If mom doesn’t already have children, perhaps you could splurge and buy a bookcase for baby’s nursery. Either one you put together or found at a yard sale. Paint in appropriate colors for baby’s nursery, and then have all the baby shower guests sign the bookcase, using paint pens. They can add rhymes, words of advice, or just sign their name.

Another creative idea is to set up a scrapbook station. Let everyone create a page ready for mom to put baby’s photo in. Use generic ideas or various events like the first roll over, the first steps, or the first tooth. This is especially nice if your group of guests does not really enjoy the traditional baby shower games.

Painting bookends is also a great crafting idea. Buy some cute baby or animal style bookends from a craft store and let the guests paint them for baby’s room. Other crafting ideas are making and decorating letters or words for baby’s room.


Stacks of books are an obvious choice. If you want you can use any large, thick book and give it a paper cover in your party’s colors. This will tie your decoration to your theme. And, don’t forget Mother Goose!

Want to achieve the hanging globes pictured above? Easy, download the instructions from To tie the globes into your theme replace some or all of the tissue paper or scrapbook paper with old book pages cut into circles, and intermingle them throughout the globe.

Have a “book” garland about the room or over the buffet table. Download a book garland craft by Martha Stewart. Or, you can take old books and turn them into decorations. Personally, I don’t know if I could do this, but if the book is beyond repair, been damaged in some way, turning it into cascading book art is pretty cool.

Use pictures of nursery rhymes about the room. Tape to the walls or put them in frames. Coloring pages are a great source of images also. They come in all styles, just search for one that matches your vision. Here is one set of coloring pages that you might like. Color in the pages digitally or with crayons, print them, and then frame them. Add to your table(s) as part of the centerpiece or display.

Also, check through you kids’ closets and see if they have any toys or stuffed animals you can use as party decorations. To make some really neat book themed paper balls, check out the tutorial below.

Choosing your shower theme…

  • Build the Library
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Storybook
  • Baby Book Brunch
  • Little Golden Books
  • Nursery Rhymes

Above are some popular Book Themes. With a book party you can go all out including any and all children’s books, or you can focus on one book or type of book. For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on Nursery Rhymes. So the menu will reflect Nursery Rhyme characters.

You can interconnect your ideas into each table – if you are having more than one. Or, set up each table for a specific Nursery Rhyme, such as, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, The Baker
Man. Have everything from the centerpiece to the flowers reflect that rhyme, including the party favors, which can be quotes from the rhyme along with a special treat such as candy or a cookie that relates to the character.

I particularly like one method of framing that I discovered at Dandelion Wishes (see photo to right) using a vintage sheet of music for the rhyme and then a silhouette of the rhyme character over top. Very sweet idea! If you would like to try this below are links for some music sheets and silhouettes. If the music sheet you find is not “vintage” you can always print it on a vintage style paper. These would also make wonderful nursery gifts as well.

Party Ideas…

The Guest Book – I like those “tree” guest books where the guests write their name on a leaf for the tree – some use fingerprints, but I prefer the leaves that are glued on. That way you can add more to fill out the tree if you don’t have a large number of guests. A search on Etsy (or other shopping site) will yield you plenty of choices. Of course, the guest book is then given to mom for baby’s wall.

Make a game out of the guests locating their seats. Write rhymes on 4×6 recipe cards. Cut them in half. Give each guest the first part of the rhyme and have them look for the second half at the place settings. When they find it that is the place where they are to sit. Need a place to find a lot of Nursery Rhymes? Just click here.

Party Menu…

If you are using stacks of books as part of your decorations, then adapt one stack into a menu board. Cover the books with theme color coordinating paper and write your menu items on the splines.

Here are Nursery Rhyme theme party recipes you might want to use for your baby shower.

Below are some additional party food ideas that really don’t require a recipe.

  • A tray of a variety of cheeses & crackers (The Cheese Stands Alone)
  • A tray of various vegetables and seasonal fruit (Mary Mary Quite Contrary)
  • Cupcakes could be Little Miss Muffet’s Tuffets
  • Three Men in a Tub Punch (put a little wooden tub with 3 “men” in it in the punch bowl filled with your favorite punch)

Party Favors…

Finding cute party favors for this theme is a little tougher than I expected. Of course, you can go with the usual candy in jars or pouches with a bookmark tied to the favor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that choice. But I was looking for something a little less conventional. I am not sure I was successful, but I found a cool recipe for Hot cross cinnamon sticky buns (any kind of sticky bun is great, right?) and chocolate mice (chocolate is always good). Either or both would be cute in a party box.

Party Games…

The games given below are free offerings and available for download from the source.


There you have it! A complete party from start to finish. If you and your new mom love books as much as I do, a Book Theme Baby Shower is the perfect choice! I wish you all the best!

Check out our Library/Book Theme page, for more ideas and inspiration.