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Baby ShowerBy Christopher Smith

Choosing to host a baby shower for your friend can be a daunting endeavor, and one area which you will want to think about is what kind of games you want to play. Here are some ideas for entertaining baby shower games as well as other ways to ensure people have a great time at the baby shower.

Being the host of a baby shower can be a rewarding and yet somewhat daunting task. One of the most important aspects of a shower is the games that are played. It’s important to think of unique games that will keep guests entertained but are also simple to do. Here are some fun and creative ideas for baby shower games that are sure to encourage participation and keep everyone busy.

Ice breakers

A good way to get people interacting at the baby shower is to incorporate some ice breaker games. These games will run the length of the party, with prizes to be handed out at the end.

The Baby Word Game

One idea for an ice breaker at a baby shower is to supply each guest with a small item, a ribbon or button just as they come in the door. Every time someone overhears another person say the word “baby”, they get that person’s ribbon for their collection. No one is ever really out of the game because anyone can get back in once they lose their ribbon by listening carefully.


Another popular ice breaking game (this one is popular in many settings, not just at baby showers) is the Whodunnit game. Guests are given a list with a selection of items on it, such as “Has green eyes”, or “has more than three siblings”. Guests then go around and try to fill out their sheets with the signatures of other guests who fit those categories.

Party Games

With some of the introductions and socializing over, it is time to get down to a couple of party games. Really, you can play any kind of party game you wish, but in keeping with the theme of the day try to incorporate some ideas that evoke baby shower imagery. Get creative and try to come up with games which aren’t typical of some of the baby showers you have attended. If you don’t have any ideas of where to start then try the ideas listed below.

Baby-Themed Pictionary

This popular group game is easily adaptable to a baby shower theme. Guests should be divided into equal teams and be given words related to babies and pregnancy to draw for their teammates to guess. All it takes is a marker, a large pad of paper, a dry-erase board or even a chalkboard for the fun to begin. This type of game is a great way for people to make new friends and can also be a fun learning experience.

Baby Scattergories

This fun and easy game is also simple to adapt to a baby shower theme. Think of baby-related categories such as popular baby names, brands of diapers, or essential baby care items. Now pick some relatively simple letters for guests to think of a word beginning with that letter for each of the listed categories within a set amount of time. After time is up, all duplicate words are eliminated and the guest left with the most words is the big winner.

A baby shower is such a special time for the mom-to-be and should be a time of great fun for her and all of her friends and family. Take the extra time to think of games that will include all of the guests, but also keep things interesting and entertaining. After all, no one wants to attend a boring shower, so be sure to make yours a memorable one.

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