Bringing The Baby Shower Outside For Family Fun

outdoorbabyshowerBy Christopher Smith

It isn’t too often moms get together for a much needed time away from their little ones to welcome a new baby to the world. However, when it happens it’s usually great fun for the expectant mom and all of her friends and family. Still, there are several people who are often left out of the occasion and now there isn’t a reason for them to be left out anymore.

When throwing a baby shower, why not include the entire family and make it a fun family affair? Instead of having a traditional baby shower with all of the traditional little tea party like festivities, move the fun outside and invite the dads and the little ones of others. After all, this is a celebration of a new life!

Also note somewhere on the invite that children are also welcome and that the party will be held outdoors. This lets everyone know that the kids will have plenty of room to play and also allows everyone to dress appropriately.

A baby shower is supposed to be simple and fun but loaded with games and gifts for the new mom. This shouldn’t change just because the guest list is changing. In fact, just so everything is equally fun for the father-to-be, on the invitation clearly mark, “dad gifts are encouraged and gag gifts for dads are welcome!” This will help loosen the fellows up for a fun-filled day!

Baby shower games should be at the top of the list to encourage participation from moms, dads, and the little ones at the party. Take lots of photos by digital camera so you can send out a lot of mementos after the party. Decide on a cook-out theme and encourage everyone to bring a staple item such as ketchup or mustard or chips, something really easy which requires no thought or planning . After all, the mom-to-be is your guest but so are her guests to the baby shower! You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable because they had to make a casserole to attend the cook-out and baby shower.

This type of outdoor baby shower is excellent for getting reacquainted with old friends, and maybe even making some new ones. This is also a good time for the men to get to know one another and perhaps even show the new dad what great fun families and children can be!

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