Brunch & Lunch Baby Shower Ideas

Brunch & Lunch Baby Shower Ideas

Breakfast! My favorite meal of the day! The possibilities for holding a Brunch Baby Shower are endless, as well as absolutely delicious! Why have a brunch? Well, some people work nights or shifts, that make an evening baby shower inconvenient. Or, mom just wants someone to make her breakfast! Who cares? Brunches are fabulous!



Brunch Party Favor
Herbs in painted cans or small mason jars
Brunch Party Favor Brunch Party Favor Bee Party Favor
Succulents in tea cups Homemade Jam or Jelly Fresh Honey


Use Fruit as a centerpiece as well as dish.
Will there be kids at your party? If so, consider making these monster sandwiches. Finish with an Ice Cream Sundae Bar
Brunch Ideas Brunch Snack Platters
Put small cinnamon buns on a stick for a Cinnapop. Use bakery crescent rolls (or make your own) for sandwiches. Have some snack platters of meat, cheese and veggies
Brunch Brunch Ideas Veggie Cups
Baked Ham and Egg Cups – Put ham in a cupcake pan, fill with one egg and misc ingredients (cheese, Bacon, Spices, Veggies) then bake. Use a glass cup at fill it up with yogurt then at the top sprinkle it with granola until you can t see the top layer of the yogurt then add some fruit slices! Individual Veggie Cups – Cut up your veggies. Take plastic cups and put your favorite dip in the bottom. Then add your sliced veggies to fill each cup.

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