Candy & Candyland Themed Baby Shower Party Ideas

Candy Themed Baby Shower Ideas


Use foam shapes and cellophane to make a candy centerpiece.
Cotton candy is quilting batting, spray painted pink, then hot glued around a PVC pipe. Use Staz-on cleaner to take off the printing on the pipe. The pipe slips over a garden stake to hold it in the ground. Giant M&M candies using two paper plates (small size), trimmed the flat edge, glued together, spray painted (red, green, orange), then glued on a white paper “m” from a sheet I made and printed out. Or, just use wooden dowels, paper plates, cellophane, and curly ribbon. Giant Lollipops from foam plumbing tubing from home depot. Coil it and connect it with wire to keep it coiled. Spray paint it, and attach it to a pvc pipe pole. Wrap in cellophane to make it a lollipop.
Candy Party Ideas Balloon Backdrop
Giant Balloon Cupcake Gumdrop Wreath – Start with a six inch styrofoam wreath, 1 bag of gumdrops and toothpicks broken in half. Insert one end of toothpick into gumdrop, then attach other end to wreath. Continue until you have covered the wreath. Make a rainbow of color backdrop out of crepe paper and balloons.
Candy Party Ideas
Simple clay pot with a balloon flower inserted in to floral foam Top Hats and Lollipops Balloon Gumball Machine
Candy Party Ideas Candy Party Ideas
My favorite idea for tying your theme colors into your decoration – here the main color would be the orange Dum Dums and Lollipops Wrapped balloons for super large pieces of candy for decorating
Gumballs and Lollipops Licorice lined vase with giant lollipop M&Ms or Skittles with a giant lollipop
Candy Party Ideas Candy Party Ideas
Candy Balloon Arch Candy Balloon Arch Wrap silverware with lollipops and bows
Bright Colored Paper Lanterns Candy Photo Backdrop DIY Gum Drops out of plastic sand pails. Simply coat the outside of each pail with spray-on glue then sprinkle on clear glitter to give them the sugary look of a gumdrop. Allow the pails to dry completely then turn them upside down and place them in clusters or along the pathway.
Wrapped Candy Lanterns
Use different colored pool noodles and mold them into a circle. Inside a thin PVC pipe or heavy wooden dowel. Cover with cellophane. Do the same with paper or honeycomb balls. Instant candy! Using bright colored cupcake wrappers, take pom poms that will fit snugly glue into the wrapper. Glue a smaller pom pom unto the top of the pom pom. Mix up your colors. When you have the amount of cupcakes you want, string them together to make a garland. Wrapped paper lanterns in cellophane and tie the ends. Will resemble large wrapped candies. Hang in clusters.

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