Cinderella Baby Shower Party Ideas

Cinderella Baby Shower Party Ideas


A giant storybook at the party entrance.  Love this!Glass Slipper on a Pillow – Classic!
Use silhouette images (from Google), print them, cut them out, and make your own party garland. Make a pumpkin centerpiece with some spray paint, stick-on jewels and clipart.  Use 4 small or mini pumpkins for the wheels.Or, go big and make a carriage out of cardboard and paint.  Accent with more pumpkins for a photo prop.
Make little scenes from the story to add a bit “life” to your party.Don’t forget the mice!  Give them a tribute with a sewing basket.Make a Card box from craft store paper mache boxes.
Decorate your tables with strings of pearls and party favor crowns.A simple basket of sewing thread and pearls can be an eye-catching centerpiece.Make a light-weight wood or cardboard castle as a centerpiece.  I would dress it up with figures and silk flowers.
Sweet little sign for the party and then for the baby’s room!Turn your dessert table into a carriage with some cardboard wheels and balloons.The clock strikes midnight!
Make a Carriage centerpiece out of pumpkin, purchase a wire display, or make it out of cake!  Every Cinderella needs a carriage!

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