Big Top Circus Baby Shower Ideas

Big Top Circus & Carnival Baby Shower Ideas

Circus and Carnivals are a popular baby shower theme, as well as Nursery decorations. Think of all the possibilities! The games! The food! Be sure to check the tutorials for a ticket booth, a fortune teller, and lots, lots more!

This page has been broken up into different category pages because, well frankly, it was getting too long to easily view everything. All ideas are shown on this page, and you can now find the recipes, crafts, and printables on separate pages. The navigation links below appear on all interconnected pages so you can easily move from one section to the other.


Circus Photo Ideas Circus Ideas
Photo Props – Don’t forget the red noses! Ring of Fire – a hula hoop decorated with crepe paper flames.
TicketBooth Concession Stand Circus Idea
DIY Ticket Booth – an old box and wrapping paper tubes. Could be used as a favor station. DIY Concession stand – plumbing PVC painted and tarp painted with strips and shoe string tied on the sides. Photo Backdrop Idea – Hang red and white striped tablecloths, haybales, an old trunk and tin washtubs.
Dumbbells Trapeze Circus Backdrop
Strongman’s Barbell or Dumbells: Make a fake barbell or dumbells by gluing a plastic ball to each end of a wooden dowel or pvc pipe. Spray paint the whole thing black. For the barbell, add “500 lbs.” to each end with a white paint. Create flying trapezes by stringing rope though empty paper towel tubes or pvc pipe (can spray paint them black or silver) and hanging them throughout the party space. If you can find some silhouettes, add them swinging from their trapezes! Easy photo backdrop – plastic tablecloths turned into curtains and a triangle banner. Pick a solid colored wall and hang. You could also add a strip of AstroTurf to make the grass, or take the whole setup outside.
Circus Party Ideas
Circus Tent Ceiling Circus Photo Backdrop using crepe paper. Any old or toy ferris wheel or carousel makes a great addition to a circus party.
Circus Carousel from scrapbook paper Make your own Circus Photo Props or check out our free printable links. Circus Photo Backdrop
Ticket Photo Backdrop Balloons and Bunting Clowns out of a Cannon – free printables – click photo for link
Balloon Canopy
Rainbow Balloon Canopy Or, a red and white canopy Make a Balloon Wreath
A circus tent over a food table Circus theme photo booth Pinwheels and Stripes
Circus Photo Prop

Circus Photo Prop

Made using huge, red sequins and 1/16″ plywood or cardboard. Use an electric sander (if using plywood) to round off the edges, and paint stripes. Adhere sequins and dress with ribbons and sign. Hang on wall. Have a selection of stick party props available. Let your guests have a great time!

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