Baby Shower Ideas: Daddy Do – The Male Baby Shower

Once upon a time women were the only gender to enjoy the baby shower ritual. As we continue to move further into the 21st century, this is shifting slightly. Now it is common to not only see women only baby showers, but also couples baby showers – with men included. And even men only baby showers! That’s right! There is no reason for dad to be left out of the baby celebrations!

The male baby shower – I call them Daddy Dos – are usually less structured than all-ladies baby showers. Less emphasis on baby shower games and entertainment, more emphasis on good food and mutual enjoyment of a particular sport. These are becoming very popular especially when mom is having a “Sprinkle Shower.”

I suggest planning your Daddy Do for an afternoon or evening when there is big sporting event on television – baseball, football, hockey, basketball – whatever dad is into. Entry to the party is a package of disposable diapers or other appropriate baby gift – something mom needs. The men get to “bond” over the game and enjoy some great eats as a bonus. Mom wins because she gets more necessities for the nursery. If your dad is not that into sports – okay, I know…, but is possible! – then have a backyard barbecue.

Invitations are sent out, just like for mom’s party, there is food to prepare or have catered. This is a chance for mom to shine as a culinary specialist. Great food doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to taste great! Below are some ideas for snacks, food and cupcakes for dessert, if you are thinking about planning a Daddy Do.  If you are interested in viewing the tutorial links, please click on the photo.

Camo Cupcakes
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Cowboy Hot Dogs

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BBQ Beer Brat Kabobs

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Cream Cheese Sausage Balls

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Daddy Dos can be a positive experience for dad. Including him in the baby shower celebrations is a win, win for him and mom. He gets time with the guys; and mom, well… what about all those spa gifts she got? Maybe an afternoon of total relaxation? Definitely win, win!

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