Decorating with Balloons 2

Decorating with Balloons


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Lit Balloons
Balloon Cloud with paper raindrops.Love the lights in the balloons
Balloon Flowers
 Balloon Palm TreeBalloon Flowers Balloon Rattle
Balloon Baby – could be done in any colorBalloon Baby Bottle TutorialBalloon Pacifier
How to Make a Balloon Arch VideoBalloon Arch TutorialAdd fresh or silk flowers to balloons
 DIY Fruit BalloonsGlitter BalloonsUse different size balloons to make pacifiers.
Blowing up Balloons
Add a floral garland to your balloon strings. Fill balloons with money or confetti, or both!How to Blow up a Balloon With Baking Soda and Vinegar
Add lace to your balloons.Cover balloons with tulle or netting and accent with flowers. Make a balloon photo backdrop.
 Stuff balloons and make balloon pinatas. Use balloons as Hot Air Balloons by attaching a small basket with string or netting. Make balloon animals
 Balloon clusters with streamersMake shapes with different sizes of balloons to fit your party’s theme. Put a small marble or stone inside balloons – they will hang upside down.
 Glow sticks in balloons for a night time party.Smaller balloons inside larger balloons.Line your walkway with balloons for a cool entrance to the party.
Balloon Canopy
Make a balloon garland by threading string through the end of the balloons.Use plastic tablecloths and balloons for a ceiling decoration Balloons and paper flowers or pom poms

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