Decorating with Balloons – Ideas, Tutorials & Downloads

Decorating with Balloons


Balloon Flowers
Balloon Palm Tree Balloon Flowers Balloon Rattle
Balloon Baby – could be done in any color Balloon Baby Bottle Tutorial Balloon Pacifier
How to Make a Balloon Arch Video Balloon Arch Tutorial Add fresh or silk flowers to balloons
DIY Fruit Balloons Glitter Balloons Use different size balloons to make pacifiers.
Add a floral garland to your balloon strings. Fill balloons with money or confetti, or both! Balloon Cloud with paper raindrops.
Add lace to your balloons. Cover balloons with tulle or netting and accent with flowers. Make a balloon photo backdrop.
Stuff balloons and make balloon pinatas. Use balloons as Hot Air Balloons by attaching a small basket with string or netting. Make balloon animals
Balloon clusters with streamers Make shapes with different sizes of balloons to fit your party’s theme. Put a small marble or stone inside balloons – they will hang upside down.
Glow sticks in balloons for a night time party. Smaller balloons inside larger balloons. Line your walkway with balloons for a cool entrance to the party.
Balloon Canopy
Make a balloon garland by threading string through the end of the balloons. Use plastic tablecloths and balloons for a ceiling decoration Balloons and paper flowers or pom poms
Cool Dude Balloons Confetti Balloon Lit Balloons
Give your balloons ATTITUDE! Fill your balloons with confetti to pop at midnight! Love the lights in the balloons
Balloon Garland Daisy Balloons
Add a fringe to the balloon string. Easiest balloon party garland ever Daisy Balloons

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