Dinosaur Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Dinosaur Baby Shower Ideas


Dinosaur Favors Dinosaur Favors Dinosaur Favor
All you need for this are some small jars from the dollar store, mini dinosaurs, glue gun to adhere the dinosaurs to the top of the jars. Fill the jars with candy or treats. Make your own cute bags by putting a dinosaur image on the front and tying with ribbons. Set them up on a table for guests to take when they the party. Hatch Your Own Dinosaurs With These Awesome DIY Dino Egg Soaps – tutorial
Dinosaur Favor Dinosaur Favor Dinosaur Favor
Dinosaur Pops Black Pepper Caramel-Filled Chocolates – wrap up a few as a party favor. Dinosaur Egg Candle “Hatches” When You Light It – so cute! – click link to purchase.

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