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NOTICE 7/8/2017

In May we moved the blog to a different server to fix some of the viewing errors that were being experienced.  As expected some issues with the pages developed (moving things always creates havoc) and all were resolved by the end of June after reviewing all pages of the blog.  Now, the blog is running much smoother and growing again and many new things are being add on almost a daily basis.  We will continue to tweak the site as we find any problems we missed on the initial run through in June.

NOTICE 8/2/2016

We have decided to close the doors on our diaper cake site ( and concentrate on our new Etsy store for Cupcake Wrappers and Nursery Prints.  We will be adding many new and exciting items to that store over the next few months.

NOTICE 7/2/2016

When the blog crashed in March of 2016, as a result of updating WordPress, many of our downloads, pages and images were lost or disconnected from WordPress. In other words, they were still on the server, but either the WordPress or the theme would recognize their existence. Also, neither would recognize the backup I had of the blog.  After finding another suitable theme, I began reconstructing the site to replace the lost pages, information and images. While I have been able to replace most of the downloadable information as of this notice (over 3,000 recipes, about 400 pages, and thousands of images), the totals for each individual download have been lost.  However, the WordPress plugin still retains the total number of downloads since I began using it in 2009.  I am continuing work to replace the downloads, and have been adding some new ones as well. As I near the end of this process, I am very grateful to you, the viewers, for all your support and understanding.  Thank you!

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