Disney Baby Shower Ideas

Disney Baby Shower Ideas

Everybody loves Disney characters. They are very popular as Nursery decorations and baby shower themes. As it is a little harder to find good ideas for a Disney shower I will be developing this page over time. As I find something worth bringing to your attention, I will add it here. Eventually, each character will be given its own page.


Bambi Decoration Neverland Party
Bambi is always a favorite! Neverland Idea – Toy Tinkerbell in a Lantern. Make a straw Minion.

Sword in the stone

Use as a decoration, game, or activity. The sword is made of wood (a practice sword). Paint it to look like metal and leather with simple extra aluminum paint and taped off where you don’t want the paint to go. Stacked together leftover Styrofoam and glue with tacky glue and let dry overnight. The next day, carved the stone to look more like a stone. Sprayed the whole thing in gray primer and then over sprayed with black concentrating in certain areas to give the foam a more rocklike effect then covered with more gray primer. Once dry, stab sword strait down pressing firmly into “rock” and don’t pull in and out, it will loosen it.


Eeyore Quick, Easy Pool Noodle Minions


Minion Bananas DIY Minion Easter Eggs How To Make Minions Cookies
Sea Otter Cupcakes Dory Popcorn ChieftainSkewers
Reese’s Cup topped Sea Otter Cupcakes – Finding Dory How To Make Finding Dory Cake Mix Popcorn Disneyland’s Chieftain Skewers, found at the Bengal BBQ (across from the Indiana Jones Ride)
SimbaCake Watermelon Pirate Ship Carousel Toppers
How-To Make a Lion King Baby Simba Fondant Baby Shower Cake How to Carve a Watermelon Into a Pirate Ship How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers
Minon Cake Minion Pops Agnes Pops
Minion Cake Tutorial Minion Pops Tutorial Minion, Agnes, and Unicorn Cakepops
by Bakerella


Sword in the Stone party favor, place card or table decoration. Minion Bookmarks


Chocolate dipped pretzels decorated as Minions. Use candy eyes and edible markers.

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